She Who Dares: Excerpt (Interview on Friday @ 7pm PST)



‘Please, Sebastian, just…’ But it was too late. Nic started to back away. The last thing she wanted was a photo of her in her ugly overalls with her hair in a state appearing anywhere anyone might see it. She took another step back, another, until her foot caught on something.

                She glanced down, then back at Sebastian, her heart pounding right up into her throat.

                ‘Nic,’ he said, green eyes fire bright and full of mischief. ‘Don’t make me come and get you.’

                ‘Don’t come any closer.’

                ‘Or what?’

                ‘Or this!’ With one rapid movement, Nic bent her knee and wrapped her fingers round the hosepipe that snaked past her feet. The water dribbling from the end instantly became a jet when she jammed her thumb over it.

                He swore as the cold stream hit him square on the chest, his arms flying up to cover his face, the roar of laughter from their audience booming in her ears. ‘Nic,’ he said, his voice low, as water continued to bounce off his chest and stomach. ‘Put that down.’

                ‘Or what?’ Nic challenged him, but she didn’t feel at all confident. All her bravado disappeared into a haze of dread as he lowered his arm and fixed his gaze on her. Her fingers trembled. The hose fell to the floor, flapping around her feet like a skinny yellow snake before finally settling down and sending a stream of water in the direction of the photographers.

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