Hugged by an Angel

Posted: Aug. 3, 2013

Hugged By An Angel by Roberta CapizziHow can you ever love again when tragedy has crushed your heart?
Kathleen used to love life. She had plans, dreams, and faith in life; but that was before the accident that took it all away from her in an instant. Now that her beloved brother is dead and she's confined to a wheelchair, her future is but a dark cloud hovering above her head. How can she ever find the will to move on and keep living without him? Even the cares of the happy-go-lucky American physiotherapist who's helping her with her rehab therapies are all in vain. Life seems to have lost its meaning, until one night she receives an unexpected celestial visit…

Colin has been working as a physiotherapist in Dublin for almost five years, but he’s never bonded so much with a patient like he is bonding with Kathleen; there's something about those sad blue eyes that makes him want to help her, to take away the pain that reminds him so much of his own. Having lost both his parents in a plane crash when he was only sixteen, Colin knows how it feels to have someone you love taken so abruptly away from you, and he makes it his mission to help Kathleen find her faith in life again. But something changes along the way…

Sometimes love can work miracles. If you believe.


As she, Kathleen (Kathy), opens her eyes she knows something is not right but there is a bright light that is shining that is making it hard to see but she knows she is not on her way to New York with Declan her brother. There is something in her nose and when she goes to take it out she can’t because she has tubes coming out of her arm. She is not a big fan of needles, but once her eyes adjust to the bright light, she sees that sure enough she has them in her arm and she has fluids being pumped into her and it is causing the machines to beep and echo into the room. So, she now knows for sure she is in the hospital. How had she gotten there? Why was she there? Then, she was hearing people outside the room talking but she was not sure they would be able to hear her if she called. She decided to get out of bed. There was a problem though her legs wouldn’t move an inch. Wait that can’t be right, so she goes to feel them, pinching them and nothing she can’t feel them at all. Panic took over, she sat up as best she could, she wasn’t as strong as she thought and the arm that she had the IV in slips and she tumbles off the bed onto the floor face first. Everything goes off and the people come running but especially, Colin, the man she has no clue that will be the man to save her life. But, Icy, as she will be known, will cut him no slack from the very beginning. Colin doesn’t know it either but Kathleen saves his life also. They are brought together by a tragic event that saves them and unites them and the families they come from. This story that this author weaves is heart wrenching and beautifully told. I found myself wanting to cry at times and laughing out loud at others. Stopping and reading passages to my husband in others. I loved the way these two characters bantered and lovingly trusted one another with their lives and their hearts. It was a pleasure reading this book and I was sent this book by the author for a honest review.

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