Walt Frazier: One Magic Season

Posted:  Aug. 3, 2013

Nocover-blank-133x176Mass Market Paperback
Published by HarperPrism (first published March 20th 1991)

This book about WALT FRAZIER. Talks about the year that New York won the N.B.A. Title in 1970. That was the year I really got into basketball and of course the Knicks. By them winning and the way they did it just seemed fun to watch them when they were on TV which wasn't much but I enjoyed it the same. The book also talks about his life where he grew up and what college he went to. He also talks about how they came together as a team that year and how it was he could stop someone. Still his game 7 in the finals is one of the best and for me he is still one of the best guards to have played the game. An older book but a true sports fan will like it

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