PHONING IT IN                                           ANN WENTWORTH
Posted: Aug. 28, 2013

Phoning It In by Anne WentworthMelinda can summarize her life in a few words: dead-end job, nonexistent love life, and a contentious relationship with her older sister—not exactly the rosy picture she had of life at 25.

When Benoit enters the picture, she falls hard. Gorgeous, funny, and smart, he’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man and more, but she can’t fathom that he could possibly want a plus-sized girl like her.

Tired of going through the motions, Melinda tries to find the courage to pursue her dream career, but working for a publishing company would mean moving away from everyone and everything she knows and loves. Is she content to remain in her comfortable rut, or is it time to strike out on her own and seize her chance at getting what she’s always wanted?


Phoning It In was an interesting mix of a young woman who is feeling unfulfilled after graduating from college and not ending up in the field that she dreamed of being in after she graduated. As well as a love story with many long lasting friendships. Melinda Major works for Forward Horizon Insurance Company with Blaine a guy who is just like a brother she never had. She has a sister Susan who is an attorney but they are not close at all and a mother who is mother who she is just finding out she not the mother she always thought she was but a head in the sand kind of woman.
Blaine is tired of the fact that Melinda is never doing anything but staying home so he decides that she needs to get out and live a little. So, he decides they are going out for dinner and dancing to J.J.’s. She finally can’t take it anymore and agrees and invites her best friend since preschool Louisa Carmichael better known as Lou Lou. Lou Lou gets asked out to dance and Blaine sees a blonde making eyes at him so when he starts to leave Scarlett from work, their arch enemy comes to their table and says she wants them to meet her date. She brings him over, Dem her date and his friend, Benoit (Benwah), the sexiest French-Italian man she ever saw.
Now this is only part of the book you still have all her growing pains, her neurotic behavior, young love and an insecure woman. Provided by

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