The Wedding Hazard

THE WEDDING HAZARD                           REGINA DUKE
Posted: Aug. 26, 2013

17701874Marriage of convenience, 70,000 words

Ashley Clair needs help. Her father has died, her estranged mother has disappeared without a trace, and now someone is after Ashley. Alone, broke, and in danger, she turns to Thor Security looking for protection, but what can she do to afford a bodyguard?

Thor Garrison moved to Colorado trying to forget the tragedy in Texas that changed everything. When the most beautiful woman he ever saw walks into his life, he vows to do whatever it takes to save her and win her heart. Too bad Ashley isn't looking for love.


The Wedding Hazard was such an interesting book. It was not what I was expecting at all. I was surprisingly pleased by how it was so masterfully weaved in order to tell this story of Thor and Ashley. Thor owns a Security Agency and Ashley who is looking for her estranged mother is in need of a bodyguard because she fears that whoever took her mother is now after her.
Thor being an ex-firefighter knows how to save lives. So, when Ashley walks in to his security store, he doesn’t have the heart to tell her he doesn’t do that kind of business. But with her being the most beautiful woman in the world he has ever seen, he just can’t let her leave. What can her do? She really doesn’t have the money to pay for a bodyguard, what can she do? Two minds working together come up with a plan. This story is not only funny but it has intrigue and sadness with lots of “ah” love. Thor and Ashley have this fun way of joking and bantering with one another that just make them so endearing to me. I loved hating Britney Beth and Polly for most of the book but love Polly at the end. Hope there is a Uly book. Provided by

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