Posted: Sept. 8, 2013

350412"Santa, Baby" by Sherryl Woods When Amy Riley's son disappears in the mall, Santa--who is actually police officer Nick DiCaprio--comes to the rescue. Whoever said the Big Red Guy wasn't sexy?

"Assignment Humbug" by Darlene Gardner

Retail manager Joy O'Connell is fraying at the edges when rheumatologist Ed Hall and his three child-terrors enter her store. Between shopping hell and bah humbug, can Ed uncover the true Joy of the season?

"Deck the Halls" by Holly Jacobs

TV reporter Merry Deluca's "'tis the season to be greedy" story is about to get complicated--her new cameraman is recently ex-fiance Patrick MacFarland And he's got a whole new angle for her story... .


 I really enjoyed the the way all three stories happened at the same mall but I did not like all three stories equally. I enjoyed Santa Baby & Deck the Halls the best. They were up beat and the characters you could believe. In Assignment Humbug I was so tired of all the whining & wishy-washiness that it wad all I could do to get through to the end. I would have to say Santa Baby was more believable but I like the antics & the dynamics of all the characters in Deck the Halls

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