Holiday in a Stetson: The Sheriff Who Found Christmas & A Rancho Diablo Christmas

Posted: Sept. 8, 2013

11556749"The Sheriff Who Found Christmas" by Marie Ferrarella Now that Sheriff Garrett Tanner is guardian of his niece, Lani Chisholm is more determined than ever to get the sexy Scrooge into the holiday spirit. With a heart the size of Texas, the ex-big-city cop has more than enough love for Garrett and his little girl. And with some unexpected help from a tree hunt and a missing angel, a certain Western lawman just may discover his own Christmas miracle....

"A Rancho Diablo Christmas" by Tina Leonard

Trading kisses under the mistletoe is not what brought Johnny Donovan to Rancho Diablo. After all, he's a die hard bachelor--and Jess St. John's the most undomesticated woman in New Mexico. Then why does the petite horse trainer fill Johnny with such heart-soaring holiday spirit? The plan was to outsmart the Callahan matchmakers. Only, now it's Johnny who's hankering to get Jess to say yes. What's a love-charmed Santa to do?


It was a fast, fun, feel good Christmas read. Just what you want around the holidays. If you are like me you have other things on your mind getting ready for Christmas so this one worked for me getting me into the Christmas spirit. I enjoyed A Rancho Diablo Christmas the best for its funny, unpredictability's (is that a word?), & the way the family out of love were meddling to start this romance. It was done in a fun way too. This was the first story from Tina Leonard that I read & I would read more of her stories.
It doesn't mean I did not like The Sheriff Who Found Christmas because I did it was just more of a storyline were you could see the end & all the middle head on. I do enjoy Marie Ferrarella books so I won't stop reading them because of this. It did make you feel good at the end.

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