FIANCE BY FRIDAY                                    CATHERINE BYBEE
Posted: Sept. 29, 2013

Fiance by Friday by Catherine Bybee From New York Times bestselling author Catherine Bybee comes the newest installment in her popular Weekday Brides series. Gwen Harrison: The beautiful, high-born daughter of an English duke came to America to take over her sister-in-law's matchmaking business. But just because she's the boss doesn't mean she can't fantasize about making her own perfect match with bodyguard Neil MacBain. Will the enigmatic man who haunts her dreams cost her more than she bargained for? Neil MacBain: The retired Marine can't deny the effect blue-blooded Gwen has on his troubled soul or his battle-hardened body. But as a client, Gwen is off-limits ? until a threat from Neil's past returns?and Gwen is caught in the crossfire. Now to keep her safe he will risk it all: his career, his life?and his heart.


   FiancĂ© by Friday what a fun action filled love story. Not only did it have a small amount of erotica.  That it seems, all love stories are required to have in order to keep to audience interested these days, but it had mystery and suspense too.

     This is a much later review but one that I have to say was earned.  Because the publisher, through, archived this book, had to get it from the library so needed to wait for it.

     This author although was not like the other authors I have worked with, helpful, she is a very good writer in her own right.  She kept me entertained and thinking as to how this would or could end up.  I loved how the secret longing between Gwen and Neil had gone on for so long for each of them.  Then how it finally just came to a head in the face of danger.  That through it all they worked together as a well-oiled team and knew each other well and trusted each other which surprised even them.

     You see Gwen Harrison is the daughter of an English duke and Neil Mac Bain is her Bodyguard here in America where she now lives. Running her sister-in-law’s matchmaking firm. Where she dreams of Neil being her perfect match.  Everyone knows but him. 

     Neil is retired marine, but his past does not stay in the past when old ghost come to haunt him.  Using Gwen as the bait to draw him out.  Then is when he realizes that he may have been wearing more of his feelings on his sleeves then he needed to be.  He needed to keep Gwen out of his crossfire to keep her safe from the ghosts that was now hunting him but going to use her. He has to keep her close.  Is in her bed to close?  She doesn’t think so. :0 )~   

     You will enjoy this I am sure.

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