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Rad-Reader:  Where did you grow up and did it influence you’re writing at all?

Rachel:  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest (Eastern WA), where cows outnumbered people. I think it did contribute to my writing because being a country girl I was able to play "pretend" a lot because there really wasn't a lot going on.

Rad-Reader:  What are the first 3 words do you think of when you think of your newest book?

Rachel:  Uncensored, Steamy, Manipulation

Rad Reader:  Would your newest lead characters like themselves? Do you think the ones in say, “Elite” did? Since that is the last one I read?

Rachel:   lol I’m not sure Nixon or Chase actually like themselves, that’s actually something I touch on in the next book. The guilt factor that that son of a mafia boss has after living the lifestyle he has lived. I think the whole idea behind writing flawed characters is that when they look in the mirror they don't like what they see because all they see is bad, I think that’s true of everyone, sometimes it takes someone else loving us enough--for us to love ourselves.

Rad Reader:  What books influenced your writing style do you think? Why?

Rachel:  EVERY BOOK--I've always been an avid reader. I read any and everything. I'm a fan of books that let the characters tell the story. I hate narrating. I love letting dialogue speak for the book.

Rad Reader:  Is there an author you would like to meet and why?

Rachel:  I would have loved to meet CS Lewis--brilliant man!

Rad Reader:  Do you prefer e-books, paperbacks, or hardback books?

Rachel:  There's just something about a paperback or walking into a bookstore but I'm an instant gratification type person when it comes to reading so I’m thankful for my e-reader!

Rad Reader:  There are a lot of books turned into movies are there any you can think of you like the movie better than the book?

Rachel:  Oh wow, tough question! I honestly think I liked The Hunger Games movie better than the book just because it brought it to life for me, but normally I always feel like a book to movies are epic fails...

Rad Reader:  What are you currently reading and in what format (e-book, paperback, or hardcover?)

Rachel:  Right now I'm reading Grace Burrowes newest release, Gabriel. I'm actually reading it for a review blog ;)

Rad Reader:  Any authors that you have seen lately that they have just grabbed your attention?

Rachel:  I recently read an amazing book by debut author Alyssa Rae Taylor, LOVED IT!  

Rad Reader:  Who does your covers and do you have any say over them?

Rachel:  My publisher does the covers for (Elite, Elect, The Bet, and The Wager) and my cover artist and friend Laura Heritage does my covers for all the self-pubbed books ;)

Rad Reader: Do you do trailers or have you thought about doing them? Why?

Rachel:  I have a few book trailers and LOVE the idea of having one for each book, it's just hard to remember to get someone to do them! I have someone actually working on the book trailer for Elect ;)

Rad Reader:  Do you write under a pen name? Why?

Rachel:  I think I probably should have, but no, Rachel Van Dyken is my real name.

Rad Reader:  Your funniest childhood memory.

Rachel:  Hmm, probably eating a spider when I was 3 because my sister was crying and terrified of it. I don't know why the first thought in my brain was to eat it, but oh well! She stopped crying!

Rad Reader:  Any Pets or pet peeves?

Rachel:  LOL I have two boxers! Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Maximums...the only pet peeve I have is having to wait for my books to release ;)

Rad Reader:  Your Favorite: Drink, dessert, & food?

Rachel:  White Mocha Americano, Tiramisu, and Chicken Pad Thai

Rad Reader:  If you could be one of your characters for one day, which one would you be & why?

Rachel:  Trace from Elite...SHE GETS TO BE IN A SWOON-WORTHY love triangle--and she has Nixon protecting her. Enough said.

Rad-Reader: So right there with you sister!!! Me too.

Rad Reader:  What are you working on now?

Rachel:  Right now I'm doing promo for my newest release The Wager, and I'm finishing up the third Eagle Elite book.

Rad Reader:  What are the things you never leave home without (apart from keys, money, & phone)?

Rachel:  I always take either my computer or my iPad so I can take notes, I also carry around a pop-up map of London for when I'm writing my historicals.

Rad Reader: Do you like to sleep late or get up early on the weekends?

Rachel:  I always have great intentions on sleeping in and waking up with a smile on my face, but I’m almost always woken up by my phone instead, then I just get up and work.

Rad Reader: Laptop, desktop or longhand when writing your wonderful stories like The Bet & Elite?

Rachel:  Laptop ;)

Rad Reader:  Your favorite gadget you can’t live without?

Rachel:  My computer or my phone. They are both permanently attached to my person.

Rad Reader: When’s your best time to write?

Rachel:  I love writing during the day but find lots of inspiration late at night.

Rad Reader: Do you read reviews and do they affect your day, either way, good or bad?

Rachel:  Yes I read them. I've gotten better about not letting them affect me. I mean you can have a five star and one star all within the span of two minutes, so I try to look at everything as constructive criticism, I'm always learning and trying to perfect what I do.

Rad Reader:  What actor could you see as the lead in Elite?

Rachel:  That is such a hard question!!! I don’t even know! I had a reader say Ian Somerhalder could play Nixon, I think I'd like to see that.

Rad-Reader:  Okay, now I have thought about this since I asked it.  Here are a few I thought about as I was reading lol. Kellen Lutz (Twilight), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Aaron Tveit (Graceland) & Dave Franco (21 Jump Street) Okay, did I over think this. :0)

Rad-Reader:  In your next book, what actor, if it was made into a TV series or movie would you like to see playing your characters?

Rachel:  Feel free to send pics. Wow again, tough choice! I love Tom Hardy ha-ha can I pick him? I think he would be an awesome Jake ;)

Rad-Reader:  Wow! Has so many looks that one…

Rad Reader: Can you recommend any good books you’ve read lately?

Rachel:  Raising Ryann, Gabriel (Grace Burrowes), and The Hush: Hush series ;)

Rad Reader:  Where can we reach you?

Rachel:  Facebook, Goodreads, Tweeter, etc…Rachel Van Dyken Author (Facebook) @RachVD (Twitter) Rachel Van Dyken Author (Goodreads)

Thank you so much for taking a break from your busy schedule to answer all our questions.  Please check all of Rachel’s books. The ones I’ve had the pleasure of reading were wonderful.
She's a writer on fire!

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