Posted: Sept. 25, 2013

18444658 NHL legend Pierre Pilote brings readers rinkside in this compelling biography from the defensive great himself. The longtime Chicago Blackhawks captain of the 1960s tells his story in this no-holds-barred tale that mimics his famously rough-and-tumble playing style. From his upbringing in northern Quebec in which he played in a Monday night beer league, to captain of the Blackhawks, his captivating story of success has it all. Any sports fan will enjoy the stories of Pilote teaming up with the likes of Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Glenn Hall, Moose Vasko, Tommy Ivan, Rudy Pilous, and Billy Reay. This is truly an unforgettable story told by an unforgettable star.


A story of a true hockey legend that I knew nothing about but was amazed by his story and by his play. This story begins from when his parents got together and then goes through his childhood. Where he actually played baseball first then got into hockey later. That to me was strange since he grew up in Canada, I just figured it would be the other way around. He then moves on to Jr. Leagues and up through minor leagues getting some breaks along the way. That happens though and for him it worked out. Once he got an offer to go to the Blackhawks camp he did everything he could to make the team. From there he turns into one of the best defensemen

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