Posted:  Nov. 21, 2013

A Groom for Christmas by Cara Marsi by Cara Marsi  This sensuous romance is like a Hallmark Christmas movie with some intense love scenes.

When a young woman hires her hometown’s former bad boy to be her pretend fiancé for the holidays, she finds she can’t wrap up her feelings as easily as a Christmas gift.

New York jewelry designer Graceann Palmer has two days to find a fiancé to bring home to Pennsylvania for the holidays so her matchmaking mama will quit fixing her up with jerks. The Falcon, a motorcycle-riding, leather-clad former high school crush, helped her out once before. Maybe he'll do it again.

Jake Falco, man of many mysteries, is back in town on a mission—one the people of Spirit Lake most likely won't appreciate. When Graceann presents him with her crazy scheme, it gives him something he's always wanted—a chance to get to know Graceann. It also gives him the perfect opportunity to add fuel to his project of revenge.

But as Jake and Graceann grow closer, their engagement-of-convenience begins to feel like the real deal—until Jake’s secrets are revealed.

Can a relationship that began with lies and secrets bloom like a rare Christmas rose into happily-ever-after?


 He was two grades ahead of her and from the other side of the tracks.  Parents were alcoholics and no childhood to speak of.  She was the shy girl that was picked on and he was the one that rescued her, on that day that she fell in love with him, from the bitchy girls. 

     He fell in love that day too but neither knew it.  He knew he could never have her but it didn’t stop him from dreaming.  He would ride past her house a lot to just sit and stare and dream what life could be like in that big mansion of theirs.  She was a richy and he was not so he knew it was never going to happen. 

     For her, he was “the Falcon” the “Bad Boy.”  He was the upper classman too so he was off limits.  14 years ago on his graduation day he gets on his motorcycle and rides away never looking back never to be heard of until today.  Now here he was to release revenge on the town that treated him and his family badly.  His first day in town and he runs into Graceann.  Jake can’t believe it at first the woman of all his dreams is right there in front of him.  And she needs a favor from him.

     She wants him to be her fiancé for the holidays.  All’s going well until all those crazy emotions start getting in the way.  Both start having feelings for each other.  Graceann knows Jake is holding so many secrets from her or omissions but she can’t really say much since she is paying him to be her fake fiancé.  But it make her feel insecure since her last boyfriend/fiancé really did lie to her and she had to dump him. 

     Falco is afraid to tell his secret because she has been lied to before and he doesn’t want to get her confused in her mind that this is a long term relationship when it’s not.

But then he realizes very soon that he really likes her and wants to make this work.  He has to make this work.

     See how this tale unfolds and can they work through the lies and the hurt enough to trust?

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