Posted:  Nov. 21, 2013

One Night with her Bodyguard by Noelle  Adams He offered her more than his protection...for one hot night.

As the daughter of a Hollywood mogul, introverted Claire Kenyon is used to being forced into the limelight, no matter how she tries to live a quiet life. When her father receives a threat aimed at her, he surrounds her with security--including sexy Michael Lyle, who offers her very close protection.

Michael has always been professional and unemotional with Claire, so she isn't prepared for the depths he's been hiding. But he's her bodyguard, and there are lines he will never cross. The more irresistible she finds him, the more he plans to resist.

But then everything changes in only one night...


Claire’s father head of a movie studio.  Michael heads his security detail at different times for events for a bigger security firm for events the studio had.  But Claire’s father liked the way he handled himself and decided to hire him to run the operation for him privately and for special events at the studio.  Lately he has been on special detail for Claire.

     Her father has been getting threats on her life.  Michael is the one that is there to protect her.  When he first started working for her dad she could not stand him.  At 19, she was extremely shy, she couldn’t fit into most situations but then her extreme behavior with boyfriends and Michael catching her per her father’s instructions didn’t help but after 6 yrs. they have an understanding and got along much better.

     To the point where the saw each other, I mean really saw each other, which scared them both.  See how they both walk through this mind field of emotions as Claire is being stalked and their senses and hearts are being put on high alert. For her protection though he has the best man on it to protect her, himself. 

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