CATCHING CLAIRE                               CINDY PROCTER KING
Posted:  Nov. 22, 2013

  When Claire Merriweather hires hunky future doctor Ridge Pederson to strip at a friend’s bachelorette party, she never imagines she’ll wake up in his bed. Well, she imagines it—but now it’s happened.

Big problem: Claire’s memory is fuzzy. Did they do the bouncy? Or did Ridge reject her? Either way…oh-oh, her heart’s in trouble!


Ridge stripped on the side to help put himself through med school.  It’s not something he likes to do at all but if he wants to get through med school it’s a must.  Bachelorettes every weekend in the summer are a scary and dirty business but it pays the bill.  That is why he was in the laundry room after Tanya’s bridal shower to wash his costumes from the weekend.

     You see he got to work Tanya’s party from the flyer he had put up her in his dad’s laundry room of his apartment house.  That he was watching while his was away.  It so happened her maid of honor Claire hired him.  She was rather straight forward and professional on the phone.  Yet, all smiles as she was serving drinks for the ladies at the party but would not make eye contact with him the whole time he was performing or even when she paid him.

     So, now walking in on her while the down deep Claire that he is sure no one ever really gets to see was coming out was appealing.  You see it turns this beautiful full-figured sex kitten was only wearing a sweet… baby doll lingerie number her friend Lacey had made all the girls from the wedding party, while shaking her booty to the music and singing off key, wearing her ear buds god knows where she was hiding the unit.  Seeing her milky white skin of her legs & breast was amazing to him.

     It had been at least 6 months since he had sex with going to med school and working two jobs to pay for it there was not much time for a sex and or a relationship.  But for Claire he would and could figure it out.  Down in the laundry room dressed as she was he worried about her for she was exposed to whatever crazy (not him) that came down there.  He knew she had to be drunk.  When that became clear is when she started licking the flyer he had posted on the bulletin board.  Okay, that was enough he thought.  He taps her on the shoulder, wrong move.

     Watch how these two interact with one another and how this author can weave a short romance into or at least the beginning of one into 39 pages.  I do hope she takes this into a full length BBW not enough good ones around that are main stream and not total erotica.  Storyline is nice and has a strong foundation.   I had read this author other story Deceiving Derek about her friend Lacey who made her the baby dolls that story was cute too.

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