DECEIVING DEREK                              CINDY PROCTER-KING
Posted:  Nov. 22, 2-13

Deceiving Derek by Cindy Procter-King  Lingerie designer Lacey DeMarco livens up her life by finagling an unsuspecting police detective into attending a funky bridal shower. She needs one last item to complete a scavenger hunt list, and handsome cop Derek McAllister is it.

But a little trickery is at work. Both Lacey and Derek are being hoodwinked…in the name of love.


Ok, This story for me was just middle of the ground. I can't say that it did anything for me at all now the second story Catching Claire now that one I did like. So, what can I say. Just don't like how short that they are and that you have to keep paying for so few pages.

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