GABRIEL'S OUTLAW                            SANDRA CHASTAIN
Posted:  Nov. 14, 2013

Gabriel's Outlaw by Sandra Chastain  In Sandra Chastain’s story of reawakened love, a feisty bar owner and a man of the law must forgive the sins of their past to forge a future together.

Jessie James gets more than she bargained for when she agrees to participate in her hometown’s Gold Rush Days celebration. She’s supposed to lead a historical reenactment of a wagon train delivering gold to the capitol building in Atlanta. But after an anonymous phone call tips off a planned robbery, the governor sends someone to protect the payload—the man who broke Jessie’s heart. And when he strides into her bar, looking tempting in his cowboy boots and jeans, Jessie is consumed by righteous fury . . . and overwhelming desire.

Haunted by old memories of the sexy, enigmatic Jessie, Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Gabriel St. Clair isn’t too keen on returning home. His goal is to complete his assignment and skip town as soon as possible. But there’s no way Gabriel will be able to make a clean getaway once he feels the pull of the fierce daredevil he loved and lost.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Slow Summer Burn, Blue Lines, and After the Kiss.


     The female characters name is Jessie James and people in her small town have always thought of her as more of a tom boy. The guy in the story Gabriel, knows she’s not. They have not seen each other in ten years and the last time did not end very well. The two families have a long family feud but these two had always been friends growing up.

     He is four years older than her. When they meet they both still have feelings for each other but there is still hurt feelings and she thinks that he might be a criminal now since she has not heard anything about him in 10 years. He is in law enforcement but does not tell for most of the story.  

     This is a good romantic book because there is a lot of mystery and suspense as far as who done it and why he is back in town. Then there is the mountain that they grew up on and their families share. The ending was a little different than what I was expecting but it really made for a nice way to end the story, made it funny, romantic and true to the story line. Avery good book. I got this from net galley.

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