Codename: Wolf

CODENAME: WOLF                              GIL HOGG
Posted:  Nov. 14, 2013

Codename Wolf by Gil Hogg  In Gil's novel, lead character Roger is a daring liar who has invented a new identity for himself and bluffed his way into M16. He carries out audacious mission for the Disciples, a secret cell of Oxbridge and Ivy League academics who are the masterminds behind the security service. Rogers adventures in Cuba, during a new Cuban Missile Crisis, save the US from imminent rocket attacks, but frustrate the Disciple's political plot against the president. Aided by his assistant, Hebert Yarham, Roger emerges as the top Anglo-US spy, a brilliant deceiver in a world of deceit.


     This book begins with a young man trying to find his way first in school and then in life. Things don’t work out the way he has hoped they would and when his mother passes away he finds out that his father is someone with a name he could use. He drops his last name and uses his middle name which is the family name of this man who he figures out is his father.

     This gets him in doors now that he would not have gotten into before. He does not go to him, he just tells people they are cousins. This man’s son is the same age as him. He is able to join the military as an officer and after his time there he is recruited for MI6.

     Now the story picks up as he is transferred to Washington and sent to spy on Washington who is spying on them. Then during an op both sides end up helping each other because someone else inside is working against them both. A very entertaining story with a lot of action. I got this book from net galley.

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