Posted: Nov. 21, 2013

Her Mr Perfect Christmas by Melissa Jolley Can one drunken phone call lead to love?
Amy Martin, in a rare moment of recklessness does the last thing expected of her, she asks for help. When she leaves a message on, her best friend, Kaye's answerphone she doesn't expect to see Kaye's brother Dominic on her doorstep half an hour later.
She would never have called them friends, but times have changed and they're not children anymore.
When Dominic Shaw hears Marty, saying she "needs" Kaye, he can't believe it. Marty has never needed anyone in all the years he's known her. When he arrives to find a drunken mess, he's even more concerned, what is so bad to have brought "Miss Dependable" to this, and why has he never noticed those beautiful jade eyes before?
Can fifteen years of apathy really turn to love, or will Marty learn the price of perfection is too high to pay?

WARNING: This book contains alcohol consumption that will make your liver cringe, swearing that a sailor would be proud of , and scenes of a sexual and sensual nature--So an average Saturday night down the pub then.


     Marty was Kaye’s best friend since they were young.  They were always together especially after Marty’s parent’s divorced.  Dominic never really paid her any mind until tonight, you see Dom is Kaye’s brother.  Marty left an S.O.S. message on the answering machine that Dom and Kaye share that their home. 

     Marty sounded strange on the message like she had been drinking.  There were two things about that that bothered Dom one, Marty doesn’t really drink.  Two, Marty never is the one that needs or asks for help.  Now that was enough to make Dom worry, not to mention Kaye had told Marty she would be gone for the holiday so why would she call knowing she was gone?  He decided to check on her.

     When he got there she was in bad shape.  The house was a mess and she was very sad.  After talking in circles for a while, then finally taking the two bottles of wine out of her hands she tries to come after it and trips.  Which thrust her into his arms.  Both in shock they just stare at one another.  He just finally see’s Marty for the very first time, really sees her, green eyes and all. 

     He asked what happened and she tells him she got dumped and he tells her she’s better off without the loser.  Especially since he always called her “Amy” (her real name).  She laughs and says, “You call me Amy.”  He says, “When we were kids.”  She says, “You said it last week.”  He says, “Who said I grew up?”  She raises up on tip toes pulls his head down and kisses him on the lips gently then takes of running to go barf…

     All that she tried to drown her sorrows in “wine” was now coming up.  He follows her to hold her hair that kiss did more to him then he thought because he would normally never ever do this for anyone.  Which was confusing for them both.  Two people who were right under each other’s noses all their lives now see each other for the first time.  But the “L” word is scary.  Love scene intense.

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