A CHANGE OF HEART                            BARBARA LONGLEY
Posted:  Nov. 21, 2013

Emotionally shattered, a soldier slowly repairs her life in the picturesque town of Perfect, Indiana…
Cory Marcel worked tirelessly over eight grueling years to develop a successful military career. After her commanding officer violently assaulted her, she lost everything—especially her trust in people. Despite the emotional damage threatening to sink her, Cory agrees to accept a new job at a furniture store in Perfect—a job that could offer the fragile brunette the chance to start over.
Ted Lovejoy cofounded Langford & Lovejoy Heritage Furniture, but lately he feels like an outsider in his own business. When he meets Cory, Ted realizes his company can do more than just build furniture—it can also help rebuild lives. He longs to help Cory recover from her pain, yet every time he gets too close to her heart, she pushes him away.
While Cory can’t resist her attraction to Ted, she fears the demons haunting her will drag down both of them. Could this kind, soft-spoken man help her finally bury the past…and unlock a future full of hope and happiness?



     Cory was in the military and was raped by her C.O.  The military tried to brush it under the rug but Cory took it all the way to Congress.  So, the Military discharged her without pay after a year of courts in which she proved that this man raped her she was put down as “unfit for serve” and given a “borderline personality” diagnosis instead of PTSD for the rape.  So, that meant no service or benefits.

     She had used all her own money to fight in court to have this man put behind bars of which he was but it took year.  Her nightmare was still not over.  She needed the diagnosis off her record in order to get benefits back. How backwards is that?  Or it would she had to get it off her military record too.

     Now she suffers from PTSD and had an outside diagnosis for that, she is back home being as she has always felt like trailer trash and no job to do, so much fear of men especially, and really people in general.  Her childhood best friend reaches out since her brother works at a place that hires Vets and they need a person with I.T. skills, Cory would be ideal.  Brenda snaps her out of her funk and gets her working, moved, and mad.  That is why they are BFF’s

     Her first day doesn’t start out well since Ted, part owner, is spouting off not knowing she is behind him, that the other partner Noah had no business hiring anyone without talking to him first.  Then he says something along the lines of, do we know what skills this “guy” has thinking it is a man, has any I.T. skills?  When Cory says, “Maybe I should just leave?”  Making Ted jump.  Their eyes meet and their both attracted which neither are happy about.

     Come read how this relationship unfolds and see how they both work through their stress and attraction to one another.  This is a wonderfully written story from a women’s point of view, who suffers from PTSD.  The man who has fallen for her during her fall out and how he handles it.  He struggles to help her and does everything to find ways to help her cope and himself to understand.

     It’s about the hardest thing either of them has ever had to deal with.  Loving each other yet not being able to act on it.  He tries to help her fight her way through an unjust system that she fought so hard to uphold.  Now they’ve turned their back on her.

     It’s a must read you will not regret reading it I didn’t.

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