BEACH BLANKET SANTA                         GINNY BAIRD
Posted:  Dec. 29, 2013

Beach Blanket Santa by Ginny Baird  A couple with a past spends an unexpected, yet magical, Christmas week together at the shore, where serendipity abounds.

Holiday Brides Christmas Novella Series Book 4

Three years ago, Sarah Anderson made a terrible mistake. After one too many glasses of champagne at her best friend’s wedding she woke up in bed with the Best Man. To make matters worse, he ran out on her and she never heard from him again. When Sarah’s gifted with Christmas week at her best friend’s beach house, the last person she expects to run into is the handsome heartbreaker. But it appears fate has ensured a mysterious double booking, and he was given a key to the same place. With a winter storm raging on their secluded barrier island, it seems they’re both trapped there together. Will their marooned status push them even farther apart, or heal past wounds and lead to a new start?

All Matt Salvatore wants to do is escape from the world and enjoy some surf fishing. He never dreams a beautiful blast from his past will upset his get-away plans. But it’s hard to think of leaving when he recalls how it feels holding Sarah in his arms. Yet, three years before, when he’d thought they were getting close, she’d literally sent him packing. He’d nearly forgotten that heartache until he looked once again in her big, brown eyes. When they’re suddenly thrown together for an unexpected beach vacation, old feelings resurface and hope reignites. But can Matt convince Sarah his feelings are real, when his resources are limited to what’s at the house – and in his heart?


Matt and Sarah were best man and maid of honor at Matt’s brothers and Sarah’s best friend’s wedding engagement party.  This is where they found out they were bestowed the honors.  From that very first night it was a love connection but neither knew it.

     So, by being thrown together to help plan and carry out plans for this wedding, they were able to get better acquainted.  They seemed to hit it off right away.  They could joke and laugh and talk about anything.  Sarah saw everything she wanted in a partner.  Yet, never having  confidence due to her background she had a secret no one knew about not even her friends, which made her feel less than.  Not to mention that her last two relationships made this secret a deal breaker so it was just best not to get involved with any man at all but especially some as wonderful as Matt.  Matt deserved better than her than what she could give him.

     Matt on the other hand was so taken with Sarah in every way.  He saw in her what he couldn’t find in any of the other women he had ever dated before.  He was so wanting a relationship like his parents have.  Sarah he thought was it.  Three years ago at Robert & Elaine wedding she told him to leave.  What he didn’t know is she thought is that they had done the nasty.  When in fact she had fallen ill due to all the drinking she had done because she knew she could never have Matt due to her secret. 

     Come see how these two come together on a dark and stormy night.  Not knowing the other will be there and what will happen when the have to finally talk about what really happened that night and about their really feelings about one another. 

     I really enjoyed this sweet and steamy love story.  Of two star crossed lovers who have no idea that their hearts want what it wants and that they will not stop till they are with each other.  Got it free on Amazon.

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