THE CHRISTMAS CATCH                        GINNY BAIRD
Posted:  Dec. 29, 2013

The Christmas Catch by Ginny Baird  A new Christmas novella by bestselling author Ginny Baird...
Book #1 in Ginny's Holiday Brides novella series.

Since the death of her military husband two years ago, single mom Christine White has struggled to get by. By throwing herself into her work as a Chicago copywriter, she's managed to keep food on the table but has gradually lost sight of what really matters, like building a bond with her four-year-old son. When Christine's best friend insists she spend Christmas in Vermont so she can get her life in order, Christine initially resists. Little does she know she's in for a memorable holiday that will reignite her faith and reawaken her heart.

Bachelor professor John Steadman has given up on finding the right one. Spending time with his friends while keeping up with his job seems satisfying enough. Then one day close to Christmas, a beautiful woman from Chicago nearly runs him off the road during a snowstorm. What's more, she's got a kid in her car. It's only natural that John and his trusty golden retriever want to help drag them out of a ditch and steer them toward their destination. What John doesn't expect is that soon he'll be hoping Christine and her son will be staying in Vermont - for more than just a little while.


     Christine is a young widowed mother with a preschooler, named Tyler.  She lost her husband, Dan, two years ago in Afghanistan.  Now she is working for Ellen at her greeting card business in Chicago.  Ellen is not just her boss but her best friend too.

     That is why she is sending her and Tyler to Vermont.  Normally, Ellen house sat there during the holidays but this year she has plans with her boy toy.  Plus, she feels Christine has been pushing herself too hard since Dan’s death and needs a rest.  She’s not happy but agrees to go for the two weeks.

     She gets a rental car, not knowing it, on the first day she meets THE man, John.  John Steadman is a college professor at the local college, who she all most kills when she almost runs him off the road.  He helps her out of the ditch she ends up in when she can’t handle the wheel and over compensates for the snow.  She sees him again at the local store again not an hour later when she goes for supplies.

     When Ellen calls she mentions him and Ellen Googles him.  Then, Christine gets her nerve up to send him a quick note through his college email saying thanks for the save today on the road.  Guess what?  He responds and asks her and Tyler out for coffee and hot chocolate.  So, it begins.  Will Christine make it just friends?  Is she ready to move on?  All good questions to ask when you read this book.  I really enjoyed this fast read.  What I especially like is the twist that made me go, “Say What?  That Just Can’t Be!  He Did Not Just Say And Do Just That!”  Yup, this has a twist I was not expecting and it would make you so not happy but in the end it all works out.  Loved it.

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