NIGHT TIDE                                            MICHAEL W. SHERER
Posted:  Jan. 16, 2014

Night Tide by Michael W. Sherer  Blast from the Past ...

Blake Sanders thought he left his Midwestern past behind when he went to the University of Washington on a basketball scholarship more than 20 years earlier. But Keely Radcliffe drags it back into the present when she shows up on Blake's stoop one morning to ask for his help. Back then, Keely's sister was killed in a lab explosion on a university campus in southern Illinois.

Blake's best friend Perry Langford was arrested and convicted of murder for setting the charge, but Langford always maintained his innocence, claiming someone else blew up the building. Not even Blake knows what really happened, and he was there. This is a secret he's kept all this time. Now Langford is out of prison, and he's gunning for all those he holds responsible for his 20-year stint in jail, including Blake.

A week later, Blake's cop friend Charlie invites him to a backyard barbecue at his folks' house. Masked gunmen burst in on the festivities before the two of them can even open a beer. Charlie and Blake manage to hold off the marauders, but Charlie is wounded and when the smoke clears, Charlie's parents have vanished.

Events begin to snowball, putting Blake on the run from both the shooters and Langford, his childhood friend. Blake realizes they are all related. Soon the FBI and even naval intelligence officer Reyna Chase are on his tail, too. Whoever planted the bomb 20 years ago is cleaning up loose ends, and the prize they're still seeking after all this time - a revolutionary battery design - is worth a fortune, even worth selling out one's own country ... and killing for.

This is a fast pace book from the beginning. The main character is still trying to get his life in order from the last ordeal but people won’t let him. His best friend is being released from prison for a bombing that happen 25 years ago that he does not think his friend did. He was outside that night when it happened but he has told no one, yet there are multiple people trying to kill him. He survives all of the attacks and has to start to put the pieces together into what happened all of those years ago. That puts him at odds with his best friend, his ex-wife and just about anyone else that knows him. The only one that works with him and starts to believe him is a naval intelligence officer. She at first does not but when things start to go a certain way she goes with the flow to see where it will lead. This is a fast pace book with a lot of action and multiple characters. But it makes for a go story and the story line is believable. I really enjoyed this book. I got this book from net galley.

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