NO DAWN FOR MEN                             JAMES LE PORE & CARLOS DAVIS
Posted:  Jan. 16, 2014

No Dawn for Men by James LePore  In 1938, Nazi Germany prepares to extend its reach far beyond its borders. The key to domination lies in a secret that would make their army not only unbeatable, but un-killable.

MI-6, knowing that something potentially devastating is developing, recruits scholar and novelist John Ronald Reuel Tolkien to travel to Germany to find out what this might be, using the German popularity of his children’s novel THE HOBBIT as cover. Joining him there is MI-6 agent Ian Fleming, still years away from his own writing career but posing as a Reuters journalist. Together, Tolkien and Fleming will get to the heart of the secret � and they will face a fury greater than even their prodigious imaginations considered possible.

Both an astounding work of suspense and a literary treasure trove to delight fans of either author, NO DAWN FOR MEN is a nonstop adventure.

This is an historical fiction book. Overall it is a very well written book, the story moves along at a good pace and for the most part I was ok with it. Based in 1938 a young Ian Fleming, just starting out as s spy. Which he really was during WWII. The characters overall are well thought out and you get the feel for the Germans as they begin to start to take control of Europe but also of people and how the person you think is helping you is actually your enemy. That was really the part of the story that I got into and enjoyed. Always having to look over your back and not knowing who you really could trust. Some of the other parts of the story towards the end for me just made fluff and you knew it was just a story I could not get into those parts and there was only a couple of those anyway. Overall a good book. I got this book from net galley.

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