Talkin' Sports

Talkin’ Sports
Sorry late again I really need to put an alarm on so here we go…

Ready for the Super Bowl this weekend?

What about K.D. scoring over 30 points in 12 straight games?

I just read the new Dr. J book review is here on the blog check it out...


  1. Will be on for at least a half hour sorry I was late again.

  2. I should have a new review in a week on the book tilted The Kid by Ben Bradlee. It is about Ted Williams, and so far it is a very interesting book with a lot of information about him that I did not know.

  3. so for the past week and a half people have been talking about the weather and playing outdoors. what people don"t know or don"t remember is that before the Super Bowl it was NFL Championship games and all of them were played out doors and some in snow,rain and or freezing temps. That is what football is about. Getting dirty.

  4. Well i was right on NO picks ! That"s right I did not pick either one of these teams to be in the game. But I do remember going to the Rams playoffs games with my father when I was a kid. Sitting there wondering if this would be there year NOT. Great times though with my Dad. We would sit in the rain and watch them lose but you never know they could score 14 points in the last min. They would not but those were great times. we then would watch the Super Bowl the next weekend before they made it two weeks between games.

  5. This game is difficult for me to pick for one side of my brain says Seattle because they are young and that young defensive line is big and fast, so they can put pressure on Manning. Then my other side is saying that Denver's defense has actually gotten better over the last four games. A couple of guys they were missing young players came back and really have made an impact for them. Plus it is hard for me to go against an old pro like Manning. So I think Denver will win but the score will be close. Like 27 to 24.

  6. Talk sports to you next week. At 7:30. I will be here. See what happens with the game. bye.


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