Curvy Women (Mind, Reality, Life): Where Does Beauty Come From?

Where Does Beauty Come From?

The reason for these questions today is from a new book I read “Almost Matched (The Almost Bad Boys #1) by A.O Peart.  Where one of the four girlfriends feels that she needs implants because she is shaped like a boy.  Can’t get the first date to let along a long-term relationship.  Therefore, it got me to thinking…
What would you do to get a man?
Do you allow your body image to dictate your sexuality?
Can you only be sexually attractive if you are a size 2 and have a size double “D”?
Can you be healthy, beautiful, curvy and no rack and still be beautiful?
Or does your sexuality really come from within?
Is it your confidence in who you are as a woman that makes you beautiful? 
Or are you of that, hey I am eating right and this is the body God has given me and I Rock it?
Or is it the man in your life who tells you no matter what (even when your make-up and you need to brush your teeth you are beautiful?)
Or is it all of the above and then age that gives you that confidence to say, "Hey I don’t give a sh--!?"

I know for me it has been a little of all of them but especially the last one.  Age gives you the time to look at yourself in a whole new way.  It gives you the time to say, “Yeah I do wish I had this or that but you know what time is passing me by in lightning speed and if I don’t just do it, I will miss my own party.”  Now I get the fun of everything going due south, I mean everything, being a new 54 is a bitch, but it’s nice at the same time.  The one nice thing about it is my peers are getting just as blind as I am and they can’t see all the fine and some not so fine lines that are forming overnight.  My husband’s so sweet and says I’m crazy that I am seeing things when I am putting on my makeup.  I find a new something that wasn’t there before.  I just hate to tell him that he has just gotten to be too reliant on his glasses to see them when he is up close.  But, what can I expect from my high school sweetheart?  See I am that last one on the list.  So, what are you?
Until next time,

Bye J  

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