The Venetian Ghetto by Riccardo Calimani  The creation of the Venice Ghetto and the consequent confinement of the Jewish population within a restricted area of the city dates back to the beginning of the sixteenth century. It was the scene of many events closely linked to the city's history and flourished between the sixteenth and eighteenth century. The book recounts the incredible history of the Ghetto, its communities, its buildings and monuments, the Scole, the Jewish Museum, the monuments to the holocaust and also includes the Jewish cemetery at the Lido.


This is a history lesson or story about Venice Italy, and the treatment of the Jews that lived in there and around their town. How they were not allowed certain rights as citizens of the town but were at times expected to act like they were especially when it came to lending or if they had a pawn shop. But their children could not go to the same schools or use other services doctors etc. the author uses documents and artifacts to back up his claims. He goes on to show that this change in 1797 when France came in and occupied part of Italy under General Bonaparte. The gates that were in place separating them were taken down and never put back up even after the French leave. It would not be until 1848 though that Venice would vote and make the Jews of Venice full citizens with full rights, to go to schools, the same hospitals, universities and run for office. Now you fast forward to today and there are over 600 Jews still living in Venice looking now at their past they found a wall that once separated the city from there settlement or what would have been there settlement. And by them placing plaques of remembrance on the wall it must have brought up old wounds for some people did not know and that is why he wrote this book. This book goes into much more detail and politics than I want to get into but it is not bad if you are into history. But you must like history because this is what this book is about. I will end this from a quote by St. Augustine, he said “that Jewish rituals must be tolerated because they bore witness to the truth of Christian faith”. That is what people forget. I got this book from net galley.

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