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Talkin’ Sports
I am going for Seattle over Denver in the Super Bowl. what are the picks you out there have.

we can talk baseball. the Dodgers resigned there best pitcher the other week and yesterday the Yankees signed the Japanese pitcher. Two big signings right before spring training.

I will talk some basketball after the Super Bowl. college ball really picks up. but North Carolina started out 0for 4 in ACC League play. that is something that does not happen to often. so college ball is full of surprises this year all ready.


  1. I am going for Seattle because there defensive front line is young and much quicker than I think Denver has had to face this year. I don't think Manning is going to be able to stand in the pocket without being pressured before he throws.

  2. I think Denver would have a little better of a chance if they were playing indoors or a warm weather stadium like Miami

  3. see you next week I will have this working better.


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