TAKE A CHANCE ON ME                                  JENNIFER DAWSON
Posted:  Feb. 2, 2014

Take a Chance on Me by Jennifer  Dawson  Gorgeous runaway brides. . .

When Maddie Donovan runs out on her high school sweetheart moments before walking down the aisle, she ends up at a bar in the small town of Revival, Illinois, with only the wedding dress on her back, fifty dollars to her name, and her "good girl" reputation in tatters. Not ready to return to Chicago and face the music, she accepts hot bartender Mitch Riley's offer to stay at his place. But sharing such close quarters is driving Maddie insane with desire.

Always drink for free. . .

Mitch thinks he's seen it all—until Maddie strides into his bar in full wedding attire and downs three shots of whiskey. Though the gorgeous knockout seems tough as nails, he also senses her vulnerability. With a troubled past of his own, Mitch has no interest in ties of any kind—yet he can't help falling for Maddie. Now he's got to find a way to convince her to give love a second chance.

     Madeline (Maddie) Donovan was a real runaway bride.  No one knew she was going to do it not even her.  When she look out the church’s bathroom window and saw her car and knew there was a hide-a-key well there was no thinking involved.  The next thing she knew she was breaking down in the middle of nowhere with a neon “Bar” sign as the goal as to where to walk to.
     Several hot dirty sticky blister filled miles, dressed in a wedding dress no less, later, she arrived at that bar.  It appeared to be open yet you could hardly tell with only one hand full of people inside.  Upon looking at the place she thought she stepped back in time, and not a very good time at that, at least the way I read it.  Her feet hurt, she was tired, and thirsty as all get out.  She had to drown this bad day out.  All she had to her name was a broken down car, a wedding dress she hates, and a fifty dollar bill in her tiny little purse.
     As she sits down at the bar she hears the air squish out of the stool’s seat.  She pulls out the fifty and lays it on the bar, when she hears the sexiest low rumbling voice she ever heard ask what she would like to drink.  At that moment she knew she was going to hell.  She was think HIM of course and only this morning she was supposed to get married, yup she was going straight to hell.  When she looks up she is struck speechless.  Mitch Riley, the owner has to be the sexiest man on the face of the earth.  His amber eyes, chiseled features, and full lips were bad enough.  God has to add broad shoulders, muscles, and on his bicep a tribal tattoo that she just wants to touch because it is the sexiest thing she ever saw.  As she says, “Oh, God I’m goin’ to hell!”
     Mitch it turns out in another life was a lawyer in Chicago where Maddie’s from.  Something happened in that past life that he not only doesn’t share his life with, anyone, but he usually doesn’t talk or laugh either.  Yet, Maddie, 28, and Mitch, 34, had this instant electrical connection.  She’s tired of being told what to do especially by men and Mitch seems to get that early on.  Maddie seems to get Mitch that deep down he really doesn’t like the “Bar” or even living in Revival.  He loves the memories it brings him of his grandma and the happy times his sister and he had there.  She can see his restlessness but most of all she can see the lust, the wanting, and the true caring he has for her.  Something in all the years from Steve her fiancĂ©, she never saw.  In fact she realizes Steve never really even liked her.  He just wanted her family and the closeness they all had.
     What she needs now was what someone very wise and who she loved a great deal once told her, “Because it takes courage to walk your own path.  Never lose that.”  With Mitch she started taking risk again.  Like her artwork.  And put away the good Catholic School guilt she learned her whole life.  She spoke up for herself, she thought for herself, she stopped taking orders (unless she wanted to J) and she explored beyond her sexual boundaries.  Boy was it sizzling just so you know, Hawt!!!
     This was such a funny yet sad book, so many hurdles for all in this book to overcome and for the most part they did.  Two people struggling with their own demons find each other at a time when their mind, body, and souls were thirsting for someone to trust.  Most of all too truly love and see them.  This book was a fun way to get some very interesting messages for the soul but enjoyable way to see a woman find herself and blossom with the freedom of friendships and a man she loves and he loves her right back.

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