DUFFY                                                        DAN KAVANAGH
Posted:  March 29, 2014

DuffyThings aren't going so well for Brian McKechnie. His wife was attacked in their home, his cat was brutally killed and now a man with a suspiciously erratic accent is blackmailing him. When the police fail spectacularly at finding out who's after him, McKechnie engages the services of London's most unusual private eye.
Duffy is a detective like no other. A bisexual ex-policeman with a phobia of ticking watches and a penchant for Tupperware. But what he lacks in orthodoxy he makes up for in street-smart savvy and no-nonsense dealings. Intrigued by McKechnie's dilemma and the apparent incompetency of his ex-colleagues, Duffy heads to his old patch, the seedy underbelly of Soho, to begin inquiries of his own.
Helped by some shady characters from his past, Duffy discover that while things have changed in the years since he was working the area, the streets are still mean and the crooks walk arm in arm with the blues.
Full to bursting with sex, violence and dodgy dealings, DUFFY is a gripping and entertaining crime novel with a distinctly different and entirely lovable anti-hero.

First time I read anything by this author and this book was different for me. It is about a former cop in London who is now working for himself after resigning. It is explained in the story and he his upset over the way it worked out. Because of that he is still having problems with his on and off again girlfriend that was one thing was strange for me. he takes a case and through all the working it leads back to the case that got him to resign off the force now he is at a cross roads because he may not get his job back but he could get back at one of the guys on the force who made him resign. A lot of back and forth with gangsters and such. The writing was good and the story for the most part was good also. I got this book from net galley.

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