SILKEN PROMISES                                  LISA BINGHAM
Posted:  March 29, 2014

Silken Promises  Fiona McFee had been just a girl when she first saw Jacob Grey --- almostall of Jacob Grey --- naked and tied up in a field of foxtails. Naturally, as an Irish con man's daughter, she refused to release the young deputy --- while he sunburned his backside and swore never to forget her. He never did, though the little minx in the field didn't resemble the sensual, topaz-eyed hellion he tracked to Chicago years later. Jacob had an offer that could change her life --- a full pardon for both her and her father if she posed as a wealthy British widow and played poker like an ace on a tourist train heading West. 
His plan was to catch a counterfeiter; Fiona's scheme was to outfit herself in beautiful clothes, win her father's freedom ... and outwit Jacob Grey. She didn't count on the wild card that sent her reeling --- an instant attraction to the very large, very strong lawman who carried a very big gun. But the game she was entering was deadly, and before she or Jacob realized how high the stakes had soared, they were deeply in jeopardy ... in danger of losing their hearts and their dreams in a battle for their lives.

This story got me from the very beginning. When the two main characters first meet, he is naked and bound in a field of fox tails being out witted by a thief. She shows up over from a ridge from a picnic with her father and starts a conversation with him. When she hears her father call he asks her to untie him. She ask what is it that you do for a living, his reply I am a police man. She very politely says that if he was anything other than a police man she would but since she does not like them and thinks they are deplorable she is sorry and must leave. For the next ten years Jacob Grey, hunts down Fiona McFee and her father making there life harder and harder. Until finding her in Chicago and telling her about a deal he has for her that would pardon her and her father for all their crimes. She does not like it at first but after a while she agrees. He puts her up in a nice hotel and tells that she will need to learn how to talk and act like a widow from Britain who has money. This does not work out so well so he sends a letter to his sister who lives in Chicago and is a famous poet. The letter is intercepted by two sisters who are like there aunts since they have been around them since Jacob and his sister were children. These two help make the story complete and really make a better story. for they are always just getting into something or putting the two of them together even though they don’t know they like each other. As the story goes along he finally sees her as a women and an attractive women at that, she actually likes that he has his ways and is just scared that at the end that they won’t be together. There is a subplot with a man escaping from prison and wanting to kill Jacob since he was the one that put him there but the main story is the love story of two people from two different worlds and how they break down their own ideas and let be. A very good story with a lot of funny moments and l liked the battering between the two main characters. I got this book from net galley.

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