Gallery: What Goes On In My Teens Mind? She's 13 and Yesterday She Was Just On Edge???

Posted On: March 26, 2014 

     Yesterday when I picked up my daughter from school we had a date for some mom and daughter time to go shopping for a gift for one of her friends.  You see she has a birthday party to go to this weekend so we thought it would be nice just the two of us going to go do it without dad coming along.  At least that was the plan the night before.  I could tell when I picked her up and it was hot and I mentioned her taking off her jacket because she was making me hot.  Which is a standing joke with my sometimes hot flashes.  Yet, yesterday that did not go over to well, she nearly bit my head off.  I said, “Wow, bad day.”  And let it go and just asked about her day.  Then while we were at the store she was rude again and this time didn’t let go.  I brought it to her attention with no less than a harsh tone that she would not be disrespectful and bite my head off for her bad day.  If she wanted to talk about it we can or we could just go home and she did not have to get a gift and not go to the party at all.  Attitude changed and we had a better time.  Then again one more time it happened when the “Happy” song came on in the car and I started dancing along to make her laugh like we use to and she was just being a stink face about it.  We kind of just laughed it off.

     It got me to thinking about all the things our youth are going through these days with not just school and friends like we did but now you add in that instant gratification of the media networking and bam we have a huge problem on our hands.  We as parents do get caught up in the everyday things of being a parent that has to provide whether it is being a provider or running the household that provides the comforts that gives them that comfort.  Most of all we need to still sit down and talk to our children and ask, How was your day at school?, What did you do today at school (even if it is summer “What did you do today to have fun?”), Did you talk to anyone today was it a fun conversation?  What is going on in their life?  How are you doing in school do you need any help with anything?  (Now you know if daddy and I can’t help we will find someone who can right?), etc…
The good thing about these days are that they only last until the clouds move on or a good piece of chocolate finds its way to my daughter’s hands.  I can’t blame her, one candy kiss and my whole world changes too.

     Today it was a whole new person I picked up after school it was like I never picked up that child yesterday.  Did that child yesterday have a lobotomy?  Nope it is just being a teen.  I do have to say I remember those days in some ways but wow when I hear her friends talking and what all the have to go through with all the things that are thrown at them face to face and then through multimedia, wow most of us wouldn't even want to get out of bed.  The amount of bullying that goes on is not even funny.  I am a snoop and I am proud of it and I tell my daughter that I will be one at any time so she needs to be aware and that if she changes any password and I can't get into anything that electronic becomes mine!!!  Safety is an issue for us due to where my husband use to work but we are just hyper aware with a girl I guess anyway. Well Thanks for reading my ramblings for today will talk again soon.  I did find this article about Stress Monsters on GIRLY BUBBLE I really thought you all would enjoy it as much as I did.  I hope it helps you.
Make it a great day and never be afraid to learn,


     "Girly Bubble by Cara Ribeiro gave these to help with your stress monster:
Stress comes in a variety of forms and while some people can manage their stress without anyone even noticing, the majority of us tend to feel the symptoms that occur as a result. You know that stress has taken its toll when you start snapping at your friends and family, the people who are actually, believe it or not, trying to get you through it. Luckily, as a “stresser” myself, I have 5 easy ways to lower your stress levels.

Stay in bed a little longer!
In my opinion, one of the worst things is waking up after a night of stress. Not only do you feel groggy and not well-rested, but all the stress comes pounding back into your head. Instead of starting your day off like that, do this simple stretch: hug your knees to your chest and lift your head to meet them. Hold the position for three deep, relaxing breaths and then gently release. I usually do it two more times after that, as it fully relaxes my mind and gets blood pumping for the rest of the day.

Snap an elastic band!
If I had to rate my level of self-control, it would have to be a big fat zero. When I try to get rid of a habit, pure willpower doesn’t work and I eventually need to resort to being hurt in some way to jump over the habit hurdle. In the same way, if negative, stressful thoughts are clouding your mind, a simple elastic band may just solve your problem. Whenever you start to freak out, gently flick an elastic band against your wrist. It sounds rather silly, but it literally does snap you back into reality.

Paint a pretty pedicure!
I know, if your day already feels like you need more than 24 hours to get everything done, getting some pampering is not a priority. However, we usually have enough time: more stressing means less gets done. The next time your to do list feels over-filled, paint your nails in your favorite color. It makes you focus on one task and it allows your brain to rest and recover from the prior craziness. By the time your nails are dry, you’ll be ready to calmly get back to work.

Apply a bit of pressure!
Some days just take us to breaking point and once the tears come, they won’t stop. Some times it’s good to cry, but in some situations, it might just make things worse. Besides, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself by bawling in front of people. Instead, make a fist with one hand and press with your thumb on the spot where your ring finger hits your palm. Keep pressing (gently!) to stop your body’s automatic stress response.

Let it all out!
If your stress just bubbles over, and you feel the need to get it out, go ahead. Whether you yell, shriek or cry, sometimes you just need to make a noise to feel better. It definitely shouldn’t be done all the time, but indulge in something sweet that puts a smile on your face (take it from me, there are better things than just ice-cream) and talk to your friends about what’s been making you stressed out.

Stress is something that will inevitably always be around, but how you deal with it can make an incredible difference. I am a total stress-ball. I always find something to stress about, and it just makes every difficult situation that much more unbearable. Take my advice and try these tips. Hopefully, you’ll find that some of them will help you out. Think positive, keep calm, smile and stay stress-free!"

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