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1.)  Ralph Wilson owner of the Bills passed away the other day.  One of the founders of the American Football League.  He was for a while a minority owner of the Detroit Lions.  With his first choice in Miami being turned down he was able to get started in Buffalo.  Sept. 1959 they officially became the 7th team.  As one of only 3 owners to be on the solid financial ground along with Hunt & Adams.  He and Wilson lent financially troubled Raiders $400,000 was also willing to make a loan to the Boston Patriots.  To keep those franchises afloat but also to keep the league from folding.  He was the one who lobbied the AFC to postponed games after President Kennedy’s Assignation the NFL played games.
In 2010 he was along with Mike Brown the only two owners to vote against to contract saying that it will allow for an uncap gallery in 2010 and a strike in 2011.  Both of those happened.

2.)  Well, can Dayton beat Stanford and keep their run going?  I sure hope so.  I also was surprised that Wichita State got beat by Kentucky.  But anything can happen in the Tournament.  Now a lot of people are looking for a Florida-Arizona Title game.  We can only wait and see!

3.)  Well, in Philly the 76ers with 15 wins are still better than 72-73 teams that went 9-73 and they won the title in 67.  But you had the ABA bad draft losing a coach.  A front office intern from that year said it was so bad “We did not even come close to selling their allotment of printed tickets.” That is bad.

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  1. well Dayton beat Stanford by 10 and Wisconsin beat Baylor by 3 two more games tonight.

  2. being a Packer fan i was surprised that the Bears signed Jared Allen now still have to face him twice a year. and the Bears made a lot of changes to their defensive line this off season.

  3. well baseball season starts Sunday, i really have not heard to much this year yet, seems like football is still on every ones mind along with basketball. i am sure some places baseball is being talked about or maybe when the season gets going.

  4. well UCLA is trailing Florida by 3 and San Diego St. & Arizona are tied to games that are looking like they will go down to the very end. talk to you next week.


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