SPIRALING                                                 RACHEL CROSS
Posted:  March 13, 2014

Spiraling  Blue-blooded Amelia “Amy” Astor was a champion, America's sweetheart, and on track to give the US Olympic medal glory before she gave it all up to join skating's equivalent of the circus. Now she's a professional princess, the lead in Enchanted Ice. But in an industry that values young, cheap, and healthy, her age, salary, and injuries are a liability. 

So when she's offered a job teaching Hollywood heartthrob Shane Marx to skate for a role in a hockey film, she leaps at the opportunity. Maybe with the right kind of exposure, she can survive one more season and put off decisions about her future a little longer. If she invites the wrong kind of exposure …well, there's that pesky morals clause waiting in the wings.

Shane Marx traded his boy band dance moves in TruAchord for acting lessons years ago. His blond, blue-eyed gorgeousness makes him the most sought after romantic comedy lead in the movie industry. But lately his clean-cut image has been tarnished by one sex scandal after another. 

When America's ice princess meets Hollywood's hottest leading man, what could go wrong? Inside that sequined costume is a woman of steely determination who has conquered many of her demons. And beneath his sinfully attractive exterior, Shane Marx is a man still battling his.

I did not know if I would like this story, but after a few chapters it kind of grew on me and actually got better as book went along. Both of the main characters come from broken backgrounds and in their own ways help each other to find themselves at the end. The story begins with Shane an actor who once was in a boy band and now cannot stay out of the tabloids and Amy, who everyone thought was going to win a gold medal at the Olympics only to quit right before. She is now skating for a show and has been the princess for years and wants one more year before her body breaks down from all of the injuries. She is afford a job to teach Shane to skate privately for a movie part that he is going for and to keep it secret. There is of course the usual drama and fighting between the two main characters but you get to find out the real problem of these two and that each one helps the other one. There is drama of a break up but she does make herself easy to find and everything is on her terms and though she loves him it takes him going to counseling and wanting to change before she agrees to let him back into her life. This is an outstanding book about all different kinds of relationships. A very good book. I got this book from net galley.

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