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1.)  It looks like Phil Jackson is going to back to the NBA in the front office of the New York Knicks. 
He was drafted by the Knicks in ’67 second round & played with New York to ’78.
 Mainly as a backup he ended his playing career with the New Jersey Nets in 1980.  
He then coached in the Continental Basketball Association until ’87 when he was hired as an associate coach by Doug Collins of the Bulls.
He became a head coach in ’89 & around that time he met Tex Winter who came up with the Triangle offense.  He then improved on it.  Now we can see if he can change the Knicks to a contender in 3-4 years, I think it will take at least that long just to get out of all of the bad deals and lack of cap space from previous GM’s.  Can just wait & see.

2.)  In Pro football, the day before yesterday started free agent signing day and there were many players switching teams.  Also, some big names that were cut like, Ware in Dallas.  But one trade that I noticed was Jr. Martin from the Dolphins to the 49ers.  Martin is the same one who accused some players from Miami of bullying. Now he goes to San Francisco and the head coach that he played for in college and hopefully he can move on and away from what happened this year.

3.)  Well, Denver is trying to up their defense.  They signed CB Aqib Talib & DeMarcus Ware, just in the first two days maybe there defense can make a change.
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  1. New England signed Darrelle Revis to a one year contract. New England is not known for making a play for free agents, usually they stay on the sidelines and let other teams spend their money. especially the first week when teams seem to over pay for players. They may have done the right thing with this one for i think Revis is much better than Talib. plus it is only for one year. New England still needs a couple of wide receivers and though i am not a fan of theirs i would go for James Jones from Green Bay, since they are not going to sign him. i think he would be a good fit.

  2. with tournament play getting under way in college ball Seton Hall upset #3 Villanova in the Big East tournament with a shot at the buzzer to win the game 64-63. The player Gibbs did not score any points in the win in the over Butler in the first round but now he scored two of his biggest points to put Seton Hall in the semi finals for the first since 2001. welcome to tournament play where anything can happen!

  3. i remember when once the Super bowl was over that was it util drat day. football is still dominating the air waves because of free agency. what your team does or does not do. does it help to bring in outside players of should you try to sign the players you have. talk about college basketball got a little talk and will get more next week. baseball which will be starting soon is getting almost no talk at all. strange how football has taken over.

  4. well talk to you next week and we will see who is in and who is out of the NCAA tournament.


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