THE VANQUISHED                                  BRIAN GARFIELD
Posted:  March 29, 2014

The Vanquished  A California politician goes to Mexico to make himself king

The Sonorans hire Henry Crabb to protect them from Apaches. In the lawless days that followed the Mexican-American War, bands of Indians roamed the countryside, preying on the hard-working peasants of northern Mexico. Desperate for help, a farming community offers Crabb land to establish a colony in exchange for a year’s protection from the marauders. The Sonorans do not recognize that Crabb—a Californian with frustrated political ambition—is the greatest threat of all. Although their deal was for peaceful settlement, Crabb’s thoughts turn quickly to conquest. In the tradition of American filibusters like William Walker, Crabb attempts to establish Sonora as an independent country—with him as the dictator. Based on a true story, this is a stunning narrative of conquest, adventure, and the shocking lengths to which ambition can drive men.

This western story is based on true events that the author describes in the beginning of the book. The story mainly follows a young man by the name of Charlie Evans and his decision on whether to join with the group of men that were going to ride to Arizona and fight. Hired by a man in northern California who wanted to take over that part of the territory in Sonora. Norval Douglas was the man signing up and promising payment on behalf of the man from northern Ca. it took Charlie up to the time they were getting ready to leave to finally decide to go with the group he was being pulled to stay in town by a young women but got lead by older men. The story was a little boring on the ride through the desert to Sonora. When they were about a few days away a group of men got sick so they had to stay back while the rest of the men went into the town. Meanwhile the Mexican government sent troops to the town and when the first time the groups meet the Americans got the better of them that first day. Then there was a stand off until more troops could come from the Mexican side and after about 4 days of fighting thinking more men were going to show up as promised and knowing that they were fooled. Fighting until food and ammo were gone. Taking a vote they decided to surrender all agreed accept two Douglas, being one of them. After the surrender all were killed by Mexican General accept for Charley him being the youngest. He was released in September of 1857 six months after the execution at Caborca. No one saw or heard from him for forty years one day in 1897 in walked Yuma with a burro saying he had prospecting, after that day he was never seen again. This was an interesting story about really a group of mercenaries who were looking for adventure. The author at the end of the book has more records showing that our Government was wanting to put this behind them. A very interesting story. I got this book from net galley. 

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