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Posted:  April 10, 2014

Sweet Renegade (Renegade, #1)  What do you mean you’ve never heard of Renegade? They are only the biggest boy band in the world! 

Beau Kennedy
At twenty-three, I never thought that I would be where I am today. I live in a world of chaos, screaming fans, and temptations everywhere. There is only one thing that I truly want, but she’s constantly rejecting me. She thinks I’m too young and too immature; however, I will prove her wrong. I will show her that I can be everything she needs and wants in a man. If she will just give me a chance, I can show her how much she means to me. She has no idea how determined I can be or how hard I will fight to make her mine. 
Lizette Parrish
I’m presented with an offer that is just too good to refuse. Beau Kennedy wants one month. One month of being his girlfriend so that he can prove to me that he can be what I need. If at the end of the month, I don’t feel like he is the right guy for me, then we end things, and he will never ask me out again. One month? I can do that, especially if it means he will leave me alone when it’s over. What I didn’t expect, though, is all of the things that he brought to the table and all of the things that we end up going through during our month together, inevitably brings us closer together. 
Can I still leave him when the month is up? My mind says yes, but I’m not so sure my heart agrees.

Warning: For mature audiences only. Contains seriously hot sex scenes that will leave you wanting to fulfill your very own boy band fantasy. Please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction and I made it up from my own imagination.

     Talk about chemistry this is one hot steaming romance that was in 30 days was supposed to tank this is it.  Those darn hearts like always just like to get in the way.
     We get to meet a whole cast of characters in this fast pace erotic really funny romance.  You see Beau Kennedy is one of the members of a boy band The Renegades.  They actually made it after the guy who started it along with a few other famous one hit wonders didn’t make it.  He along with Roland (28), Dean (26), Ace (26), Everett (24) and him (23) and the youngest they worked hard, for the past ten years. 
     Thanks in part to their manager Lizette Parrish (30) for the past 5 years.  She is a hustler and doesn’t have a life to show for it.  She is also the one person in the whole world that Beau has been crushing over for that whole 5 years since the day she started he that she was beautiful.  She shoots him down every time he ask her out but it does stop him from trying.
     Lizette tells him he is a man-boy always joking around at her meetings, never listening like today’s meeting, that he is always with a different girl/fan and that she knows what he really wants from her.  So, to go find another little groupie to f**k because he wouldn’t be getting it from her.  He walks away from her moving to the door turns back and says, basically, if that was all he wanted from her he would have given up on asking her out a long time ago.
     Before the two weeks really begins Lizette finds out the boys have to cut their vacation short.  A promotional tour has been scheduled so Beau only has 4 more days left of his first week but out of the 5 guys he is the only one that they can’t reach.  Knowing Beau went to see his family in West Virginia, she has her secretary book a flight to get her there ASAP.  This is N.Y. girl who is scared of all things country including sexy as hell Beau is going to West Virginia to tell him.
     She drives herself to the ranch once there, meets up with Kaden his younger brother his mini-me (sexy too.)  He takes her to find Beau, he comes in from riding looking a little cautious.  She lets him know what’s going on turns to leave when his mama, Regina, greets her which she loves.  Meanwhile, Beau is still standing there stunned to find her there.  She is the mom she always wanted, not what she was dealt.  Regina engulfs her in a hug and talks her into staying for lunch which has Lizette changing her flight to tomorrow morning.
     That evening she and Beau take a ride after he explains riding safety.  Lizette gets thrown from her horse and has to ride with Beau the exchange their first kisses.  Man does their world tilt for both of them.  This scares Lizette beyond words.  When she gets back she scurries to her room.  They have another late night encounter in the hallway and get walk-in on.
     The next morning she leaves town as fast as she can leaving him with only the view of him in her rearview mirror.  Once Beau returns he eventually corners her and gets her to agree to one month of being his girlfriend with at the end her making the decision on whether the remain a couple or not.
     This is one sexually and emotionally intense book.  Not only do you have the story of Lizette and Beau but you have their dynamic charge and the band members.  You also see what some of them feel about this relationship.  Also you have this other issue going on with Dennis, Lizette’s brother, who is suffering PTSD.  Wow, that alone is one intense event in the storyline.
     You will enjoy this fast pace storyline for sure.  It is not dull at all that is for sure.  I hope the next story of Ace is just as good but I think what made this one so special was that endearing innocence Beau still had and he wasn’t afraid to ask his friends in the band for help.  Also, that the age difference between him and Lizette really didn’t matter.  Loved it.  5 stars.  Provided by author for a honest review.  

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