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1.)  Monday, UCONN won the NCAA Championship over Kentucky.  UCONN really showed experience I believed, Napier won one ASA Freshman and now ASA Senior.  I think it was difficult for Kentucky’s starting 5 freshmen to overcome the pressure of the final game even though they were close at times.

2.)  Tuesday, was the 40th Anniversary of Hank Aaron’s
 record-breaking 715th home run.  I remember being in my room watching the game.  Because the Dodgers were playing (that’s all we got back then there was no cable lol) in Atlanta and Al Downing was pitching for the Dodgers.  At the time I really didn’t know how important or all of the extra things he was going through.  But, I remember it was kind of cool seeing it and hearing Vin Scully making the call.  Before ESPN and all of the other networks.  That was April of 1974.

3.)  The Masters started today and though Tiger Woods is not playing it will be interesting what storyline comes out this week.  Adam Scott becomes only the fourth golfer to repeat or can someone who no one knows about like Bubba Watson a few years ago win?  We will have to wait and see.


  1. THE other night on NFL network i saw an interesting piece on the 1964 draft. out of that draft there are 11 that are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. the most out of any draft. just think they did not have pro days or a combine. they went off of talent scouts and could they play. i thought that was pretty amazing even for now. it is something you could use to get your friends.

  2. Now that college basketball is over the pro"s are getting ready for the playoffs. the west is looking pretty strong with Ock, San Antino, Clippers. i thought maybe Golden State would be better this year but they are still having some issues. in the East it still looks likes Miami, Indiana, Chicago and Toronto. i think this might be the year for a new champ Miami is just having a rough year and over the last 3 years they have played a lot of extra games and that starts taking a toll on your body. plus there was the Olympics also.

  3. tonight was the first meeting between Boston and the Yankees. Yankees got a 4-1 win. Pineda who they traded for 2 years ago finally is pitching after arm surgery, he went 6 innings for the win and had 7 k s. a good outing.

  4. Tuesday night the the women of Connecticut won their 9 basketball championship in a 79-58 rout over Notre Dame. both schools were undefeated coming into the game.


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