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Posted:  May 9, 2014

Imaginary Lines by Allison Parr Tamar Rosenfeld has been in love with New York Leopards linebacker Abraham Krasner since they were twelve years old. She'd always considered it destiny that they'd end up together…until Abe was drafted and she professed her feelings in a moment of blind excitement. The sting of his rejection was like nothing she'd ever felt before, and it's nothing she'll ever forget.

Older and wiser, Tamar has landed a dream job as a reporter for one of New York's premier athletic websites. Determined to stop being the safe, boring girl she's felt like for most of her life, Tamar makes a list of all the things she wants to do and see in her new city, and Getting Over Abraham is priority number one.

But destiny has finally chosen to interfere. Just as Tamar's decided to move on, Abe's realized she's the only woman for him. When he confides the truth, Tamar has to decide if she can put her crush behind her, or take a chance on the very man who's been holding her back all these years.

       Tamar Rosenfeld (23) and Abraham Krasner (24) met at Abe’s bar mitzvah when she was 12 and he was 13.  That is a ceremony where a boy in the Jewish faith at 13 crosses over to manhood.  That is the day Tammy fell in love with Abe.   
    Over the years they became the best of friends you see their moms were college friends were even pregnant at the same time.  Each only had one child too.  Of course always kidding they would marry them off, when they were born.  At 12 when Tammy’s dad was out of work, Abe’s dad said he could help if they moved to California.  So, they did in time for the bar mitzvah.
     Abe was always great at football and Tammy always his biggest supporter.  At the age of 19, Tammy, had graduated high school and was tired of being the reliable one, the safe one, the girl-next-door, anymore.  She wanted to be a risk taker.  So, she got in her car and drove from San Francisco area where the both lived and drove to UCLA, where Abe was going to college at the time.  You see he just got signed by the New York Leopards as a linebacker.  If she didn’t talk to him now it would be a lost moment so really needed to tell him her true feelings or she never would.
     First problem, it turned out when she called him he asked her out to dinner, which was good.  When she got there half the team was there and they were drinking.  Second problem, while she was in the restroom another girl caught his eye and he followed her outside.  Where she heard him say, “Trust me, I’m not interested in Tamar.  She’s like a little sister.”  When he they heard me gasp and start running her caught me.  Third and final blow came when she thought she had not more to lose and she finally told him she loved him.  He couldn’t or wouldn’t return his feelings to her.  What really hurt her was that he know about her feelings all along and never said anything or down played it.  On this day her world changes.  From here on out she has to learn to move on without and from Abe.  But how?
     Once she graduated college the economy was in the toilet.  So, she moved back home and continued to job hunt.  She finally gets a job on sport (.) com magazine in New York.  She’s excited and scared all at the same time.  The moms as they are called, keep nagging her about calling Abe.  She avoids giving them an answer or just says well I will try.  Saying Abe would love to show her around.  But they don’t know it has been 4 years since they have spoken or seen each other.  She really would like to keep it that way.  Because she doesn’t always ache for him like she use too but she does miss his friendship but it has to be this way.
     She makes the move and a few days in Abe calls her to make a date meet for drinks.  Thinks are odd and tense but…
     See what happens when these two old friends meet face to face to air out their differences.  I really enjoyed the dynamics of the two main characters together.  As well as the arguments that they always seem to resolve in the end and the most of all I love their bantering back and forth.  It was interesting learning about the under belly of the NFL and Teams.  I gives this 5 stars.   Provided by

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