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With Pat

1.) On Monday I saw a special on a high school girl, Charlotte Brown, who made the state finals on Friday in Pole Vaulting.  Vaulting 11’3”, the reason this is so news worthy is that she is BLIND.  This is her second year making the Texas State Finals and she is only a junior.  Good Luck to Her!!!

2.)  In basketball playoffs – I don’t think anyone can beat Miami right now in the East and Indiana is still not playing good basketball.  All of the games in the west they have been good I thought so far.

3.)  In the football draft – Clowney was 1st and then the 1st surprise Bortles taken by Jacksonville, a good pick though he is 6’5’’ over 230 lbs.  Big because he is going to take some hits.  Then the Bills traded and got Watkins the wide receiver from Clemson great pick and Johnny Football is still waiting.


  1. i remember when i would have to wait for a few days after the draft before i could get a list from the draft. then they made a trade with the L.A. RAMS for John Hadl a quarterback who got beat out of the starting job by James Harris. they traded 1st & 2nd picks in 75 & 76 plus a 3rd round in 75. he was not that good. he played 22 games for Packers. had 9 touchdowns & 29 interceptions. he was gone like Dan Devine. he was a great Quarterback in San Diego throwing for over 3,000 yards 3 years in a row and they had one of my favorite players in Lance ALWORTH. the Rams would be in the Super Bowl in a few years and the would not be back for a couple of decades. painful years.

  2. i am glad the Packers took HA-HA DIX, safety and then finally Cleveland made a trade to get Johnny Manziel and now the fans in Cleveland will be excited about the Browns.

  3. in the hockey playoffs the Ducks need to win tonight against the Kings. it would be difficult to be down 0-3. Boston & Montreal are tried 2-2. Chicago has a 2-1 lead over the wild & Pittsburgh is all over the Rangers 3-1. see what happens.

  4. the heat won again tonight and are now 2-0 on the nets and 6-0 in the playoffs. San Antonio is leading Portland 70 to 51 at the half. i think the spurs are just to tough for them this tear.

  5. well the draft is going on for the next three days and that story i told about the Packers and Hadl. i even got to see him lose in a return trip to the Colosseum that is where the Rams used to play. and my dad got tickets right behind the Packer bench and by the 4 quarter they pulled Hadl but the Rams were winning by to big of a score. me i was glad to see the Packers even though they were losing.

  6. of course i have football stories of history of the game like some people have of baseball. any way have a great week and i will let you know how miss Brown did in next weeks blog.


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