FINDING HER SOLDIER & Perfect Soldier Part 1          HALEY NIX
Posted:  June 20, 2014

Finding Her Soldier (BBW, Military Erotic Romance) Curvy Angie is so fed up with the bar scene, that she's finally been convinced to try out OKCupid. So embarrassing, right? Besides, what are the chances she'll find "The One" on an online dating site?

But when a hot guy with the screen name Soldier1985 takes a look at her profile, the wheels of desire start turning. It's only a matter of time before Angie finds herself swept away to the bedroom in the arms of a hot military man!

This was a short to the point sensual story of two people ready to settle down. They were so over the whole dating scene. Yet, they tried one last avenue a dating online service.
     Angie a curvy girl tried a few dates and hated them. She was beginning to talk herself into having to settle when an inquiry came in from Bronson a body builder type 6’2”. Not wanting to make the first move and reaching out she sat on it. She liked the idea that he was brave by serving his country, he loved animals because he has a dog, and knew what he wanted and he wasn’t afraid to say it.
    There was sparks the first night but only one kiss goodnight with a promise of another date…
I enjoyed this because of the idea of the couple wanting a close loving relationship in their lives. Just know this is a very erotic story line. So, don’t be surprised. Wish there was more to the story line.
     Now there is a teaser about “Cat” and “Colt” sounds like it would be a good story. I in fact like what I did read about them out of the bedroom. Which wasn’t a whole lot but enough to know they are caring, loyal, and dedicated. Yet, you also find out they are both very “starved for affection” let’s say. Colt because he is home on leave after being out of the country serving in the armed forces. Cat has been working 40-50 hours a week and going to college so she can then go to Vet school. No time for relationships or even one night stands if they were so inclined. Which Cat, is not.
    But, Colt’s silent but strong assertive manners calls to her and for Colt, Cat’s sexy voluptuous curves and boldness to show she was interested in him made him even hotter for her.
   So yes, I enjoyed this first chapter of this book but disliked the way this author and publisher breaks up one whole book into 5 parts. Not fair to the reader especially of the price is inflated. Sorry.  Free on Amazon I give this 3 stars.

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