FIXING FREDDIE                                             MONA INGRAM
Posted:  June 20, 2014

Fixing Freddie by Mona IngramSamantha hasn’t seen Freddie since they were in school and that was...what?...ten years ago? Back then he was painfully shy and was never seen without a computer game in his hand. So when he shows up in her favorite coffee shop she doesn’t recognize him at first. He’s still into computer games, and to make matters worse, his hair is long and his sense of style sucks. He’s nothing like her suave, sexy boyfriend. They discover they’ve both been invited to the same wedding and when he bemoans his lack of style, she surprises herself by offering to help him with a make-over.
But Freddie isn’t the only one in need of help. While Samantha helps Freddie, he helps her discover an inner strength she didn’t know she had. Join Samantha and Freddie as they navigate the minefield of their growing attraction on the way to finding out who they really are.
This mini novel runs just under 20,000 words – a delightful afternoon read. Caution, some coarse language.

     This story starts off with two longtime friends from high school, Samantha and Lauren, who meet for coffee every morning.  Samantha wants to tell her friend about her concerns about her relationship with her boyfriend Cody but she knows Lauren will loudly speak her mind.  She tells her anyway about her thinking he’s stepping out on her and basically Lauren says, “Again?”
     So, one element Ms. Mona brings to the table is how we as women (men too I am sure) will settle for less, so we are not alone.  In order to be loved, cared for, not abandoned, sexually fulfilled, and the list goes on I am sure.
     As they are sitting there Lauren notices Freddie Howard the geek from high school that was always drawing and playing hand held computer games.  Samantha told her to be nice because Freddie had stuck up for her when a mean girl had been bullying her back then.  She thought he was so nice for doing that.  Lauren wanted to say, “Hi!”  On her way out but with her foul harsh mouth Sam was worried.  So she said that she would say hi for both of them.  Lauren made her promise, she did and Lauren left.  As Sam got up to leave so did Freddie and he greeted her by name first and held the door open for her.  They walked and talked for a few blocks, exchanged the type of work they did, and said their good-byes.
     She couldn’t stop thinking about him all day.  He couldn’t stop thinking about her either.  As he walked into his executive office and his private receptionist brought him some coffee and his messages she knew he was off his mark.  He looked different kind of odd as she thought.  His thoughts were with Sam, could he get her to really see him?  Was there a chance?  Was she dating, engaged, or married?
     This was the perfect example of how in high school how things were looked at through rose colored glasses or warped ones.  How rumors were started and got out of control.  I enjoyed it.  It was the after effect of high school and how we chose to walk through its after effects.  Of how we saw what we never really saw, see what we really missed.
I give this 5 stars.  Free from Amazon.
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