THE STRONG ONE                                           STELLA HUNTER
Posted:  June 20, 2014

The Strong One by Stella HunterDavid Nobel has lusted over his sister’s friend Megan Scott since high school. Back then, she rejected the advances of the scrawny boy that he was. Now, he is a popular personal trainer and self-defense coach, which he credits to all the time spent in the gym after that fateful rejection. When David finds a scared, scarred Megan hiding out from her brutal ex-husband at his sister’s house, he must find a way to convince her just how strong she truly is—before his sister, Bethany, and her family get caught in the crossfire.
As David teaches Megan self-defense, his long-forgotten feelings return in force. The long sessions of close contact teach them both how to trust again. As Megan slowly takes back her life, David is left wondering if she’ll find any room in it for him.
With Megan’s ex-husband stalking her every move, David must show her that love is not a weakness, it is what makes her strong.

   At least ten years had passed since they’d seen each other by David Nobel’s insecurities all kicked back in.  Even though he had done everything he could not to be the scrawny guy in high school who had a mad crush on his sister’s best friend.  It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried he did ask her out, but she flatly turned him down.  Megan Scott was beautiful and he was scrawny. 
     Now he knew he wasn’t scrawny anymore, he had a growth spurt and he was attractive.  Most of all he was now a personal trainer and teaches self-defense classes.  He has no reason at all to feel nervous right when his sister, Bethany, told him who this woman sitting in her living room looking at her lap was.  He was though, this woman looked beat down, and her confidence as well as his was gone, why?
     Megan used to be outgoing and fun to be around.  Without any of her friends knowing she met and married her ex.  The one time David ran into them, in which she had to introduce them, he shook hands with him and remembered feeling and doing the wiping of his hand on his pant leg.  He got a sleazy vibe from him, he had a really dark side to him, and he could feel it.  To hear Bethany say out loud that she had been abused by him, made him see red on her behalf.
     How do we get over our first loves especially ones that had been our best friend too?   He had seen her date all the jerks and rich guys and then marry this creep with money.  Then to find out he abused her set a whole lot of first emotions spinning.
     I totally enjoyed this story.  It was nice to see that even though this poor guy never won the hand of his best friend/crush from high school he still wanted to help her.  To empower her to give her peace of mind, and strength to do what she needed to do to protect herself.  I do wish however there was a better conclusion.  I give it 4 stars.  Free from Amazon.
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