Gallery: My Baby is Leaving the Nest to go to Australia & it's causing Anxiety Big Time...

Posted:  July 5, 2014

Hi All,
I have to tell you it all became real that my 13 year old baby girl was going to be leaving home for a 20 day trip to Australia tomorrow on Thursday.  We started to really pack her and weigh the luggage and go down the check list to make sure it was all there.  One by one we went down the list. 
Check medication, check tooth brush, check bathing suit, check blankie, wait what?  Blankies going after all?  Okay, this is real, she is really going to be getting on that plane, going on a plane OMG!!! She has never ever been on a plane in her whole entire life.  Not to mention she is scared of heights. What if, oh no! what if, what if, she will be fine.  In my head I know that but my heart is missing her already.  She has really only been gone from us twice for more than a week once to my sister-in-laws and once to Camp Keep, which is with her class in 6th grade.  The rest have been over nighters here in town.
This is my baby that is scared of heights and this is an adventure trip with People to People.  I trust the Leaders that she is going with and all for the leader has taken my girlfriends daughter two summers in a row to different countries but it is just my baby.  LOL :) 
She will be snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, learning to surf, doing a service project with marine biologist that work with dolphins, zip lining, repelling, going to the Outback, stay on a farm, Sydney Opera House, Staying with a host family for 2 days, and so much more. 
I know she will grow and be even more exceptional then she is now.  My heart, mind and soul will miss this miracle that God allowed us to have by his loving grace after so long.  I did so well that I up until this point that I had to share where I am today the eve before this special girl leaves.  Thanks once again for allowing me to be a mom and sharing.
Good day Mates J

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