Posted:  Aug. 7, 2014

Ivy Darling can't have children of her own, and her husband Nick's resentment is forcing them apart. And while Ivy has the support and love of her large, close-knit family, Nick's family has never welcomed her into the fold.When the three children next door are abandoned by their mother, Ivy and Nick take them in for the night. One night becomes several, and suddenly Ivy and Nick find themselves foster parents to the only African-American kids in the town of Copper Cove, Maine. As Ivy grows more attached to the children, Nick refuses to accept their eclectic household as a permanent family. Just as Ivy begins to question whether or not she wants to save her emotionally barren marriage, Nick begins to discover how much Ivy and the children mean to him. But is his change of heart too little, too late?

     This story had so much going.  A lot of it dysfunctional.  Mainly revolves around Ivy Darling told from her point of view.  She and her husband Nick are unable to have child which only adds to stress of their marriage.  You see no one in Nick’s family cares for Ivy, they feel she is just not good enough for him especially since she has not produced a child for him.  She resents him for not manning up and telling them she can’t have children after 3 years of trying and also that they need to stop disrespecting his wife.  All of which she can count on him not doing.
     They are two people living in the same house him constantly taking small verbal swipes at her.  She over compensating to do things for him, to only be crapped on.  One day after work she’s leaving to go down to the beach when she sees the new neighbors kids sitting out on the porch in the hot sun.  But she doesn’t think anything of it, but several hours later they are still there.
     Ivy invites the kids in for a cold drink and something to eat.  Where she finds out their mom has taken off for days before.  She calls her cousin who is a social worker to see what she should do.  She and Nick were granted temporary custody.  Nick was not over joyed.  First days go by, then a month, and now a year.  All the time Nick is still backing away, not happy, saying the kids are not their kids and never could be.  Asking why he’s cutting loose, bringing up, and an old hurt, shame, and past that Ivy had told him about.  He said, Yeah he remembered he couldn’t forget, forgive, and he hated her for something she told she did in her past that now effected them.    
     A harsh truth that Ivy needs to hear because she had known she was so far away from Nick emotionally it was crazy that this was a sealer.  She needs to find her own voice.  She found a piece of paper that had classes from the adult school.  She enrolled in a pottery class that lasted 8 weeks.  Jonathan the teacher took an interest and offered private lessons and friendship…

     What I did like about this story is that it was Christian based but reality based as well.  With real family yet realistic in how they were handled and the problems were not sugar coated or made up ventures.  You have 3 bitchy sister-in-laws, a mean nosy bigot mother-in-law, 30 year old detached emotional brother, an all about me selfish twin sister, one over weight but loving sister, a sister who is scared to be out in the world and a sister whose is all academic, then you have a mom with her in the sand wanting them all to be and stay the Brady Bunch.  Most of all you have sexy as hell Jonathan who takes an interest in her and in her life more than Nick ever did.  See where this all goes…I give this 4 stars do to the abrupt ending with no epilogue.  Provided by Net Galley.  Find us at:

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