Posted:  Aug. 7, 2014

The Maverick's Red Hot Reunion by Christine GloverCorporate Maverick Zach Tanner returns to North Carolina to rebuild his dying friend's resort. He's got the money, the power, and the will to transform Sweetbriar Springs into a premier spa for the glamorous, but he doesn't count on the woman he once loved…and lost…to handle the construction contract. Zach thought he'd buried his desire for Kennedy five years ago. He was wrong, and now he’s determined to satisfy his craving...
Construction company owner Kennedy Gibson is eager to restore Sweetbriar Springs, but when she realizes Zach is her new boss she's terrified he'll learn the truth about their breakup so long ago. She vowed never to hurt him again, but she can't deny the passion he reignites in her. She wants to believe she has a chance for a different future with him, but will her secret threaten to destroy their red-hot reunion?

     Zack Tanner used to be a manager at Sweetbriar Springs Lodge 6 years ago when Kennedy Gibson and he were involved with each other.  Her father is the owner of the construction company that she grew up in and is now the CEO of.  Not just any CEO she is also hands on from wheedling a hammer, looking at blueprints, to picking out d├ęcor.  She does it all.
     You see six years ago Zach and Kennedy were so close they were due to get married.  But, when Kennedy miscarried the child they were due to have she out and out told Zach she couldn’t marry him. She couldn’t marry him because she didn’t love him or she said she was doing it to protect him from more heart ache.  He wanted a big family one thing she thought was not possible from what she was told.
     Zack being a fixer he knew she didn’t have it in her to go through all kinds of testing she couldn’t take it.  She was also protecting herself.  From this gorgeous man who was a take charge let’s find a solution and get it fixed.  No matter how far, long and at what cost to wallet or heart.  She had to protect them both.
     Not expect Michael their best friend that had brought them together to begin with would become ill with ALS.  With that he would throw them together to work as he fought for his life as well as thousands of others fundraising while he could.  Losing a child is devastating and he wasn’t around before or after and she resented him.  See how they work through it when brought back together.
     I really enjoyed the twist and turns and all the emotions of what it is like to lose a child.  They was it is to love someone so much and to do something that you think is for their own good and only to find out the only thing that happened was a lot more heartache.  I gave this story 5 stars.
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