COP A FEEL                                               ROBYN PETERMAN
Posted:  Aug. 7,2014

Cop a Feel (Handcuffs and Happily Ever Afters, #3)When you get time off for bad behavior, romance is the last thing on your mind--but good old-fashioned lust is a whole different story. . . 
Life undercover isn't exactly one big party--not when you're a DEA agent--but it sure beats a desk job. Except when you screw up big and someone has to go in and clean up after you. In that case, even paper-pushing sounds better than babysitting an erotic romance writer with as many enemies as there are euphemisms for "throbbing manhood." 
I've been taking down drug dealers for so long, playing bodyguard to a woman named Shoshanna Lehump sounds like nothing more than a giant pain in my ass-- and being partnered with the gorgeous egotistical jerk I never should have slept with in the first place just makes a bad situation even harder--especially when he pursues me as diligently as we're supposed to be chasing the bad guys...What's a girl have to do to get a happy ending anyway?
This is a story about a female DEA agent who is looking for sex but not for a relationship. She also is carless with her job in that she puts herself into situations that she could be killed, but she ends up being saved. She justifies this this by getting the criminal or drugs off the street. Her last job she went a little too far again and had to be rescued from a drug cartel in Mexico. Facing either time at home or at the desk, she is given an assignment to guard a professor at a local college who has been receiving threating letters. While there she is introduced to anther agent who is attracted to her but all she wants to do is have sex no relationship. The story then goes into her reasons why and him not backing down. It is a good story in that you find out why she does not want to have a relationship and how he peels the layers away to make her feel. For the most part I really like this story, it was funny, exciting, and the characters were different than most books that I read. The only part of the story I had a problem with was two of her friends who were also agents and though they were experts with weapons at one point they shot up the DEA office. I don’t think that would have happened. But that is just me. They are still two strong and powerful women who were capable to handle any type of weapon, I think that is what the author was trying to get at. Overall a good book. I got this book from net galley.

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