THIN ICE                                                   NICK WILKSHIRE
Posted:  Aug. 7, 2014

Thin IceCurtis Ritchie is the only news in town when Ottawa takes the young hockey sensation first overall in the annual spring draft. But the media frenzy over the signing and the controversial trades made to secure the team's marquee player is eclipsed by news of his murder on the eve of Ritchie's rookie season. As Ottawa Major Crimes Unit investigator Jack Smith reassembles Ritchie's life, he is surprised at how much it differs from the fledgling star's clean-cut image and a list of suspects soon emerges, any one of whom had good reasons to want Ritchie dead. But there's something else about the young phenom — a secret so profound that its revelation to the wrong person could only mean Ritchie's end.

This story takes place in Canada and is a murder mystery. It starts with the first draft pick in the hockey draft being murdered and then two detectives being assigned the case. People from the city are all concern since the hockey player was supposed to help the team in the new season and all of the players and picks that were given away for the pick. The younger detective is the one that is the guy that kind of gets them in trouble for the way he does some of his investigation. Overall though this was a good story and I really was surprised at who was the person who did the deed. I enjoyed the story very much. I got this book from net galley.

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