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How to Marry a Cowboy by Carolyn BrownRancher Mason Harper’s two little girls want nothing more than a mama of their own. So when a pretty woman appears on his front porch in a tattered wedding dress, while Mason’s looking for a nanny, he can’t help but wonder if it’s fate.

Annie Rose Boudreaux is in a downright hellish mess. She’s just a few steps ahead of the low-life ex who’s been hot on her heels, but she’s tired of running, and nannying Mason’s two sweet girls may be just what she needs. As her days on the ranch fly by, and the night’s with Mason get hotter, Annie Rose decides that she’s going to stay…for a lifetime.

     I loved, loved, loved this story line.  Okay end of review. Not!  Oh my-gosh! Ms. Brown totally captures you with her ability to make her character jump off the pages.
     Mason Harper a ranch in Texas, who is a widower for eight years now and is the father two 9 year old twin little girls.  They are little spitfires.  One alone can make you shake in your boots but if the two of them have their heads together they can make you leave screaming from a room.
     Just ask any nanny in a 50 mile radius and 3 agencies later.  So, can you just imagine how excited they were when they found Annie Rose Boudreau asleep in a tattered wedding gown on the front porch?  Especially after praying for years for a mama.  Even if Mason wanted her gone when he did the girls adopted her with no ifs, ands, or buts.
     He knows she’s running from something or someone and he needs a nanny he ask to see her license and tells her he will check out her story and he calls the doctor to have her checked out.  She can’t let her past catch up to her.  Can she work here and make things work?  Mason’s worried for his daughter’s safety and his heart because he sees she’s scared of something and that puts him in protect mode and she is a tiny woman compared to his wife and that’s another thing.  Something she does reminds him of Holly then makes him feel guilty because it stirs feelings he hasn’t had for anyone since her passing until now…
     I loved Lily and Gabby, Mason’s little girl’s.  They are spunky and they have potty mouths especially for their ages.  But from day one when the girls started calling her “Mama Nanny” she has whipped them in order.  Yet, the three of them has done the same for her.
     I found myself with a huge smile a number of times or I was flat out laughing out loud.  I fell in love with this totally dysfunctional family that fall in love with each other.  I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.
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