Worth The Trade

WORTH THE TRADE                            KRISTINA MATHEWS
Posted:  Aug. 7,2014

Worth The Trade (More Than A Game, #2)A ballplayer and a team owner would give anything for a championship—even their hearts… 

After inheriting majority ownership of the San Francisco Goliaths baseball team, Hunter Collins wants to prove to herself—and the rest of the league—that she’s got what it takes to build a champion. Her first move is to trade for a hot left-fielder. He’s got it all, speed, power, and a desire to win. Not to mention undeniable charm. 

Marco Santiago is tired of being the new player in town. After four teams in six years, he’s facing free agency at the end of the season. He wants nothing more than a long-term contract and a World Series win. Hitting on his new owner probably isn’t the best way to get it, but love may be the most powerful challenger either of them has ever faced... 
Warning: Strong language, consummated love scenes, and some baseball clich├ęs.
77,606 Words

     If you are a fan of baseball, love stories, and humor this is the book for you.  It is the second in the series for Kristin Mathews.  Here first being “Better Than Perfect” which I also gave 5 stars too.
     This story revolves around Hunter Collins the daughter of the late owner Henry, who just passed from cancer at the beginning of the baseball season.  Everyone knew, that was close to the team, that Hunter had been running it pretty much full time since graduating college, Stanford by the way.
     You see her daddy bought the San Francisco Goliaths for her when she came to live with him after a long period of time of them not talking to each other.  You see Hunter blamed him for her mother’s passing.  Since he took her everywhere with him even business meetings when he took some important clients to a baseball game and it lite up Hunter’s face and he and she had something to talk it gave him his in.  That is when he bought it for her.  She soaked up everything about the game and in the locker room (until she got her boobs that is, which totally pissed her off.)  He taught her in and out of the boardroom and the rest came from college.  With the exception of love, romance, and relationships.
     Marco Santiago was a player her dad had seen great potential in, a great character in, and felt he could be a great asset to the team.  He just never seemed to be able to acquire him.  So, that is what Hunter fought for and got.  Except no one told Marco until he was on his way to his stadium in St. Louis that he had been traded.  Now he is on his way to Frisco.
     He is met by Hunter and admits he doesn’t want to be there they meet a wall.  He also doesn’t know that she is the boss and even though he hasn’t been with anyone in over 6 months he can feel the sexual tension between them and starts flirting and being a real smart ass.  She gives him just enough rope to hang him because she is enjoying the sparing and flirting. 
     Too many of the guys are scared of her or they look at her as a little sister.  So, when she tells him he only backs down a little.  She drops him at the stadium and calls it good.
He finds himself in a slump and he figures out it is her.  He confronts her by telling her that with her sitting behind the dugout watching in those grandma cloths making him wonder what’s hiding under them and all…
     From here it just gets into more funny sparing, secret times they can get together, team escapades, and a lot more.  It’s a fast read with just enough with each character to keep you interested.  I look forward to another I hope.  I seems like there may be something in the works with his teammate Bryce Baxter so we’ll have to wait and see.  I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.
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