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Posted:  Sept. 15, 2015

Phil Jackson: Lord of the RingsWith eleven championship rings to his name, Phil Jackson is internationally recognized as one of the greatest coaches in the history of the NBA. Known as a defensive disrupter and a master fouler during his early days as a New York Knick and later celebrated as the “Zen Master” for his inspirational tactics as a leader, Jackson has had a long and storied career marked by constant self-reflection and reinvention. This is the man who led Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls to six championships, Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers to five; who was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame; and who retired in 2011, an official legend—and the most sought-after free-agent coach in history.
            As befits a legend, Jackson has written several candid, insightful books about his life and career, but now one of America’s most respected sportswriters turns an unvarnished light on Jackson’s strange and remarkable journey, from his sheltered childhood and adolescence in Montana and North Dakota, through his years playing at Madison Square Garden, to his experiences coaching Jordan, Bryant, and more of the greatest players of our time. New York Times-bestselling author Peter Richmond has written a personal, definitive, revealing biography of a veritable sports genius, and an American classic.

This is a fascinating book about Phil Jackson, about where he came from, growing up in Montana, to playing college ball at North Dakota. They are more known for hockey than basketball but that is the only place that gave him a scholarship. He is also a baseball pitcher and threw a one hitter against Arkansas State. It is also the place where he comes into touch with a book by William James, “The varieties of religious experiences”. Also about the Lakota Sioux Tribe and their teaching. He was drafted by the Knicks in the second round the same year they drafted Walt Frazier. He played on both championship teams with the Knicks though he was hurt for their first one and sat on the bench with Red Holtzman. Learning from him by watching, with Bill Fritch being his college coach he had two men who would one day be in the Basketball Hall Of Fame, learning the game early on. He goes on to coach in the winter league and he coaches in the CBA, and wins a championship. Wanting to make the jump to coach in the N.B.A. he accepts an assisting job with the Bulls. Doug Collins was the head coach and Tex Winter was one of the other assistant coaches. This was Collins third year and the team was expecting big things. They had traded for Bill Cartwright and a guard by the name of Hodges. The management also expected Collins to run the triangle offense that is why they brought in Tex Winter, but Collins was still doing his own thing. Then came a game on Dec 17, 1988. The Bulls went to up to play the Bucks in Milwaukee, the Bulls were 11-10 and the Bucks were 11-9. By hail time the Bulls were down by double digits points and Collins gets ejected and turns the game over to Jackson. He turns the game over to Hodges and the Bulls score 66 and hold the Bucks to 38 they humiliate Del Harris the Bucks coach and in the stands that night was Jerry Krause, Collins would be let go the Bulls would go on to six titles while Jackson, Jordan, Pippen and others were there. Jackson and Krause would also argue and Krause still believe that he does not get the credit he deserves for drafting Jordan, trading for some of the other players and for really hiring Jackson to begin with. The book then goes on with his time in with the Lakers and the falling out with Jerry West. This was not good but the Lakers were willing to let West go even though his player deals were the reason why they were even in the running for a title. Yes they would win but at what cost? Now they really don’t have a future or a person with the skill to get the talent they need. The book ends with Jackson staring his new job in New York and can he rebuild a Knicks team and bring them another title that they have not won since he played for them back in the 70s. Who knows? This book is filled with a lot of information and facts and was a very good book, whether you are into basketball or not, it is a good read. I got this book from net galley.

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