MOLLY GETS HER MAN                      JULIE ROWE
Posted:  Sept. 15, 2014

Molly Gets Her Man When flaky Las Vegas hairdresser Molly McLaren overhears a Russian hit man planning to kill a US congressman and take out Hoover Dam in the process, she becomes a target for murder. Now, on the run from the assassin and a dirty cop, she winds up in an eighteen wheeler with an ex-cop sporting a bum leg, a bad attitude, and a body built for loving.Grey Wilson just wanted to be left alone. No more Las Vegas. No more casinos. And no more floozy women like the one his best friend sent him to pick up on the side of the road. She talks fast, but her endless curves and sensuous nature make him want to slow down. Which is not in the cards. Grey knows he needs to unload his excess baggage. And quick.But when someone tries to kill the Vegas beauty, Molly captures his heart with her backbone of steel, and brains to boot. Now in order to grasp the future that had once seemed impossible, Molly and Grey need to keep Hoover Dam, the congressman, and their love from being blown sky-high.

In Molly gets her man, Molly is, Molly McLaren who speaks seven different langue’s and is working in a hair salon in Vegas, after being fired as a court interpreter. While working there she over hears a man name Petrov Gronzney, tell two of his men that he wants a certain elected official killed. Somehow they figure out that she can understand what they said and now she is in danger. She calls her brother but he is still in the Army on base and cannot leave. He calls one of his buddies and former Army brother, who is on leave from the San Francisco P.D. from an injury. His name is Grey Wilson, and he saves her there in Las Vegas but they are now on the run. They are also getting to know each other and for this difficult because she was in a bad relationship and she is now leery of big men and Geary is a very big guy. But as they work on saving her in a way she is saving him from some of his issues also and they find out that it is easy to talk to each other than any other relationship that either one of them had been in before. This is a fast paced story with a lot of action but I don’t want to give away what happens. I found this to be a quick read and a very good story. I liked the two main characters also. I got this book from net galley.

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